All Upcoming Core Mechanics Changes in Guild Wars 2, Explained

Guild Wars 2 has many different things for players to do. Whether you’re a hardcore PvP player or a slow explorer of PvE realms, there’s something for everyone in Guild Wars 2. The MMORPG recently released its third expansion, which has brought a renewed focus on improving the basics. . In a developer post published today, players have been given several additional and quality of life benefits. These are all of the upcoming changes to Guild Wars 2 PvE and their core mechanics explained.

Major Changes in Guild Wars 2

While there are PvP aspects to Guild Wars 2, most of the content is driven by its PvE content. Whether through the living world story or the introduction of cooperative modes, Guild Wars 2 is a dominant PvE game. To make this mode more fluid, the developers have decided to introduce several small but powerful changes to the game.

Removal of the armor repair mechanic in Guild Wars 2

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The developers stated in their blog post that the long-introduced armor repair aspect, which changed once before, is over. Players no longer need to head to the various anvils around the world or use repair boats if they have been shot down or killed in-game. Instead, your armor will remain intact and wearing repair boats either anvils will give you a little boost for twelve hours, that is does not apply a PvP or WvW.

Story Boundary and Cursor Contrast Changes in Guild Wars 2

Story instance boundaries have always been a bit tricky. Sometimes being pushed back or accidentally exiting has kicked you out of the instance and you had to restart the entire instance from scratch. the same technology which was introduced in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons it is now being applied to all instances. This means that you won’t be kicked out of the instance if you stray too far; rather, you will be crashed back into place.

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Players will also be able to change the contrast of your cursor, making it easy to locate in times of high action. Players can choose Off, Basseither Tall.

Class Changes in Guild Wars 2

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The developers have also decided that they want to improve the abilities, traits, and weapons of the individual classes to increase the overall variety of builds. Scheduled for release on June 28thPlayers can expect the following changes to each class:

  • Elementalist: Tempest will now be able to bring promptness to the party with a rework of her grandmaster trait, Lucid Singularity.
  • Engineer: Rifle weapon skills have been adjusted to better support Engineer power damage builds. The minimum and maximum ranges have been changed for several limited-range traits (such as Aim-Assisted Rocket, Large Caliber, and No Range).
  • Guardian: The abilities of the Guardian’s seal have been changed, including a significant improvement to the Seal of Determination.
  • Hypnotist: Chronomancers will effectively be able to choose to provide Quickness or Swiftness based on their selection of Grandmaster traits. The ratio and provisioning methods have changed to cater to highly mobile party members.
  • Necromancer: Warhorn upgrades and the related Banshee’s Wail trait will improve the necromancer’s ability to heal allies.
  • Ranger: Spirit skills have been revised to provide boons and allow rangers to provide Swiftness when using the Nature’s Vengeance trait.
  • Reborn: Centaur Stance legendary abilities and Salvation traits provide better support for healing functions, while the Herald will now be able to provide quickness to allies with the Draconic Echo trait.
  • Thief: The Shadow Arts trait line has been updated to provide better support options to synergize with Specter and updated options for stealth and defensive play.
  • Warrior: Banner skills have been revised to provide boons. Warriors can provide swiftness to allies by deploying banners, an upgrade to the Warhorn Charge ability, and the Tactics Martial Cadence trait.
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Damage Class Perk Changes in Guild Wars 2

Boons are buffs to your player and surrounding players that can make or break a fight. The developers have decided that the uptime of the most important advantages, such as Readiness, it needs to be boosted a bit. As such, some abilities that they were just self-directed sources of help now it will be shared with alliesfurther taking weight away from support classes and adding versatility to damage roles.

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