Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed

news culture Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed

James Cameron can easily sit at the table of the best directors in the world. After four decades of activity, the Canadian artist has produced some of the most cult sagas of the 7th art. To familiarize yourself with the man, here are 6 films available on Amazon Prime Video to (re)discover the director’s career.


  • Aliens, the return
  • Alita: Battle Angel
  • Avatar
  • terminator
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • titanic

Aliens, the return

Let’s start with a sci-fi movie classic released in 1986: Aliens, the return. In this second episode of the Alien saga, we find Lieutenant Ellen Ripley rescued after spending 57 years in hyper-sleep. Although she wrote in her report the incident on the Nostromo, she is not taken seriously by the high authorities who doubt the presence of xenomorphs on the planet LV-426. In order to carry out a “terraforming” mission, several settler families were sent to the star several years ago. Following the loss of communication with the latter, Ripley, accompanied by a squad of Larines, returns to said planet.

Alita: Battle Angel

Let’s continue with the adaptation of the Gunnm manga created by Kishiro Yukito and released in our theaters in 2019: Alita: Battle Angel. On this film, James Cameron does not occupy the position of director, but those of producer and screenwriter. The story takes place 300 years after “The Collapse”, a catastrophe that occurred following a war against Mars. In the corrupt town of Iron City, Ido, a doctor specializing in cybernetics, is on the hunt for spare parts. It is then that he comes across a cyborg in a shabby state, and decides to bring it back to his laboratory to refurbish it. Renamed Alita, our protagonist wakes up and with her a most mysterious past.

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Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed


Appeared in the cinema in 2009, Avatar is the biggest box office hit in movie history. The director’s feature film was a cinematic revolution thanks to its computer-generated images never before seen on the big screen. Jake Sully is a former paraplegic Marine. Although he is in a wheelchair, he remains a fighter deep in his heart. Sent to Pandora, a planet with an atmosphere toxic to humans, our hero is tasked with infiltrating the Na’vi, the natives of the planet, who have become troublesome in the face of the plan to exploit minerals coveted by men. The fate of this soldier changes the day he takes control of an Avatar.

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Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed


Accompanied by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton, James Cameron creates one of the most emblematic sagas of SF. terminator was born in 1984. The feature film takes us to 2029, in the middle of a war between Man and Machine. Skynet, an artificial intelligence, then sends in the past a cybernetic assassin with human appearance bearing the name of Terminator. It aims to eliminate the mother of the leader of the Resistance, John Connor. This would prevent John from seeing the light of day and therefore erase all of his actions in the future. Wanting at all costs to protect his mother and her birth, the leader in turn sends a resistant in pursuit of the Terminator, soldier Kyle Reese.

Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day from 1991 is the direct sequel to the first Terminator of the name released 7 years ago. This one takes up the same plot as the first opus. Desperate to eliminate the greatest threat to her, the artificial intelligence Skynet sends a new cybernetic killer into the past in order to eliminate John Connor, now a teenager. Aware of the malicious intentions of the AI, the human resistance in turn sends a most competent individual to protect our young hero.

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Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed


Let’s finish with the third biggest worldwide box office success and James Cameron’s second: titanic released in 1998. Inspired by historical facts, the feature film adapts the sinking of the liner of the same name to the cinema. The story follows two passengers, Rose a bourgeoise played by Kate Winslet and Jack, a wanderer played by Leonardo DiCaprio. During this crossing, our two protagonists, whom everything opposes, get closer, which is not to everyone’s taste. As their relationship grows in a dramatic and romantic environment, the worst is about to happen.

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Amazon Prime Video: 6 films by the director of Avatar 2 not to be missed

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