Amazon: the vote on the creation of a union in a New York warehouse will take place at the end of March

Officials of an organization campaigning for the creation of a union in an Amazon warehouse in New York announced on Wednesday that they had reached an agreement with the company for the holding of an employee vote from March 25 to 30.

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Employees of the JFK8 warehouse located in the Staten Island district will file their ballot in person, said the leader of the group, Christian Smalls, on Twitter.

The campaign for the creation of a union on this site began last year.

After several adventures, the American agency responsible for labor law (NLRB) recognized at the end of January that they had collected enough signatures to request the organization of a ballot.

An Amazon spokeswoman said Wednesday that the company remains “skeptical” that the organization has collected enough signatures.

“But since the NLRB has decided that the election must take place, we want our employees to be able to make their voices heard as quickly as possible,” said Kelly Nantel, in a message sent to AFP.

“Our employees have always had the choice whether or not to join a union,” she added.

The e-commerce giant is facing several attempts to unionize.

A group of employees at a second warehouse on Staten Island in New York, called LDJ5, recently filed a case to hold a vote, with the NLRB still having to certify they have enough signatures.

A little further south, in Alabama, the employees of the Bessemer warehouse have for their part the opportunity to vote again after the failure of a first attempt last year.

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The NLRB in effect found that Amazon broke the rules in the first ballot and ordered a second election, by mail. The ballots were sent to employees in early February and the count is due to take place on March 28.

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