An acclaimed instant cult favorite has left all horror fans unimpressed.

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you west has had one of the most explosive years of his career, joining Jordan Peele and Mike Flanagan as one of the MVPs of the modern horror scene. And it’s all thanks to XA24’s beloved slasher starring Mia Goth that he wrote, directed and produced as the gateway to a planned film trilogy, now continuing in theaters in prequel form. Pearl.

It was a particularly high point for horror in a year with plenty of high points to choose from, but it turns out that hype can also be a movie’s biggest enemy; In fact, not everyone was impressed with Xand those people have found affinity in their disappointment in an r/horror thread.

The original poster regretted XThe relatively tame levels of tension and genuinely terrifying material, which they found underwhelming given the praise the film received, not to mention how quickly it Pearl released to theaters after the fact.

One user broke down his modest conclusion that the movie got the praise it did for simply being a good movie; It may not surprise you or reinvent the butcher knife, but it did set out to be a genuinely good movie, and for that achievement, people were only too happy to tip their hats off.

There were a few others who sided with the original poster, with the consensus ranging from the movie not being worthy of its hype to users adamantly admitting they were against it.

And then an awkward silence filled the room as the original poster posited the ideas they had around X Y Pearl.

The world of horror is no stranger to unpopular opinions, of course, but this was a step above your run-of-the-mill unpopular brand. Define X because of its fear factor and not because of the skill with which it explores the fear of aging, its relationship to sex, and how that relationship is understood or even ignored by different people is a foolish mistake.

Pearla prequel starring X’s antagonist, is currently playing in theaters.

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