An acclaimed murder mystery investigates the icy wilderness

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Taylor Sheridan might be best known for his current status as the busiest man on TV, with the creator of the expansion yellow stone franchise adding new projects to their plate on what feels like a weekly basis. One of the downsides is that he could end up hampering his career as a feature director, which would be a shame when river of wind Y The ones who wish me dead it provided smart, old-school thrillers with a lot of meat on their bones.

However, it’s the former that’s working on streaming as we head into the weekend, with FlixPatrol revealing the chilly murder mystery as one of the most-watched titles on the global Prime Video charts, and even managing to secure a place in the Top 10 in the UK for good measure.

river of wind

Straightforward storytelling at its finest, an 87 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, and a 90 percent user rating only serve to underscore the quality of Sheridan’s first full-length film. MCU stalwarts Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen lead the cast as a veteran wildlife officer and a rookie FBI agent, respectively, who team up in an effort to solve the case of a murdered woman discovered in the snowy wilderness.

Of course, there are locals who know more than they are letting on, bureaucratic hurdles to jump through, and plenty of high-caliber weapons being transported in a decidedly unfriendly manner. river of wind you don’t need to rely on narrative sleight of hand or fast-paced action sequences to grab your attention, although the latter is spectacularly explained at the end.

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