An adulterous mystery thriller broadcasts dirty secrets in the streaming Top 10

via Showtime

It’s no surprise that Giles Alderson’s mystery thriller The stranger in our bed It’s become an unassuming smash hit on the stream this week, when it ticks so many boxes that it directly pulls in a huge number of subscribers from any platform.

Operating as part of a reliable genre, the sleek and surreptitious film is also an adaptation of a best-selling novel that was partially inspired and influenced by true events, making it a highly appealing triple threat. True to form, then, the atmospheric tale of love and lust gone terribly wrong has found its way to fourth place on Hulu’s most-watched charts, according to FlixPatrol.

the stranger in our bed
via Showtime

Emily Berrington leads the cast as Charlotte, who begins an extramarital affair with a stranger that ultimately ends in disaster for all three parties. Not only is her wealthy husband understandably furious at being dumped by a stranger, but Charlotte ends up the victim of a harrowing scheme, before her new boyfriend disappears off the face of the earth under mysterious circumstances.

Teaming up with his sister to try to solve the case, bodies begin to fall as threats close in on all sides, forcing our fearless protagonist to confront his greatest personal and romantic fears, all while her husband requests the help of his mother to try to recover the wife who destroyed his idyllic existence.

The stranger in our bed has been warmly received so far, and the added boost that comes from such a high ranking on a major streaming service will no doubt open a lot more eyes to its deceptive and relentlessly unreliable charms.

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