An explosively wacky sci-fi black comedy breaks out in streaming queues

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Mixing and matching multiple different genres to create a cohesive whole is a tall order for any filmmaker, no matter if he’s making his feature directorial debut, but it would be an understatement to say that Brian Duffield absolutely shot down his first film. Spontaneous out of the park

The only downside is that a limited theatrical release and VOD release in October 2020 caused the film to go under the radar, under the radar, and overlooked, something that didn’t deserve to happen to a unique slice of stylish cinematic madness it got. a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 percent.

via Paramount

The broadest way to describe Spontaneous it’s like a sci-fi, romantic, teen, coming-of-age black comedy with horror elements, just to give you an indication of the balancing act shown from start to finish. Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer play a pair of high school seniors trying to find a way to enjoy life in a world where people have suddenly and inexplicably started burning for no apparent reason.

As romance begins to blossom between the blood, guts, and explosive partners, the unlucky duo begin to realize that they must make the most of the time they have left, because there is evidence that they could turn to mush at any moment. .

Spontaneous It’s a wild and wacky ride, but it’s also packed with heart and humor, which is drawing in Netflix viewers after FlixPatrol revealed that the one-of-a-kind film cracked the Top 10 in 15 countries, to be ranked as the platform’s 18th title worldwide.

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