An ill-timed crime thriller that was buried and bombed emerges on broadcast

through Warner Bros.

On paper, a $45 million crime tale that arrived with a cast full of recognizable names and cinematography by the incomparable Roger Deakins, which was based on a widely acclaimed bestselling novel, would be able to draw a crowd, but hardly anyone bothered. in doing it. capture the goldfinch On cinemas.

A 25 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes highlights that critics weren’t particularly enthusiastic about the film, but a 72 percent user rating indicates that people who saw the finished product were impressed. And yet, John Crowley’s literary adaptation scored one of the worst box office opening weekends of all time, quickly leaving theaters in double-quick time.

the goldfinch
through Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. knew it had a misfire on its hands after a series of disastrous test screenings, in which the studio almost completely abandoned any semblance of a marketing campaign, leading to the goldfinchThe $2.6 million debut to rank sixth worst in history for any project opening on more than 2,500 screens.

A $50 million loss later, and you’ll be forgiven for forgetting it even existed — unless, of course, you’re one of the many iTunes subscribers responsible for causing the maligned glitch to skyrocket up the platform’s global rankings. , according to FlixPatrol.

It never looks good when the production companies responsible for a movie give up months before release, but cut off their noses to screw up their faces about it. the goldfinch it only ended up hitting Warner Bros. and Amazon Studios right where it hurt the most; in the pocket.

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