An infuriatingly uneventful tale of tedious possession that exorcises your flowing demons.

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Demonic possession stories will always reign as one of the most popular horror subgenres, but the discrepancy between how many on-screen exorcisms we’ve witnessed compared to how many live on in memory as cult favorites and all-time classics is huge, with Hannah Grace’s Possession hardly setting the world on fire.

To be fair, it made a decent profit at the box office thanks in no small part to its status as an R-rated creep, which is often more than enough to draw patrons to your local theater. Even more impressive, director Diederik van Rooijen’s feature film recovered its budget six times in the face of poor reviews from critics and audiences alike.

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on rotten tomatoes, Hannah Grace’s Possession it has dismal scores of 21 and 27 percent, the latter being especially atrocious when fans are always willing to scale back the creepy stories that much more. Speaking of which, Halloween fever must have taken hold in the streaming sphere, because the widely criticized effort is back with a thunderously boring vengeance.

According to FlixPatrol, Hannah Grace’s Possession has been appearing on the Rakuten and iTunes charts throughout Halloween, with patient subscribers willing to submit to an admittedly brief 86 minutes of banality. Interestingly, the plot revolves around a character named Hannah Grace who is possessed, but the burning question is whether or not you will really care about her.

The answer will likely depend on your tolerance for common fare that offers nothing you haven’t seen before, which can often be comforting in the right circumstances for lifelong gorehounds.

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