An interesting theory claims that there never really was a DCEU to begin with.


Back in the heady days of 2013, then-Warner Brothers, a movie production studio that also owns DC Comics and the rights to most of its characters, took a look at the billions Marvel Cinematic was grossing. Universe and said, “We want that.” The difference, though, is that Marvel Studios had elevated aspiring producer Kevin Feige, who had trained on movies like You’ve got mailbefore his work in X Men Y Spiderman got him the attention of Marvel Studios. His vision was to create a shared universe of connected movies to mirror the work Marvel creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had done to create the Avengers.

Even without a similar executive at DC, the release of the DC Extended Universe of movies started off strong, with Superman Y bat Man franchise movies like Iron Man Y Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice raising hundreds of millions of dollars. But the movies failed to cohere into an overarching story compelling enough to entice audiences to watch movies about less popular characters thanks to the strength of the DC brand.

Two years after James Gunn’s offbeat Guardians of the Galaxy surprised everyone by becoming a huge hit, DC tried to replicate that hit with David Ayers the suicide squad. While guardians had been upbeat and fun, suicide squad it was so dark that the studio stepped in with reshoots and edits to lighten the tone. The result was a mess that pleased no one. Gunn would eventually be hired to reboot the film, and the corresponding Pacifier HBO Max spin-off series.

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The last DCEU movie to qualify as a critical and commercial success was 2017’s Patty Jenkins outing. Wonder Woman. Now, with Zack Snyder alienated from the Warner Brothers Discovery think tank and unique films like the batman Y jester Finding the kind of runaway success that WBD had been hoping for, a fan on the popular internet message board Reddit posits that the DCEU, at least as a counterpart to the MCU, doesn’t exist, and never has.

The other fans couldn’t help but agree:

In any case, while the recent spate of DC movies has been disappointing or, in the case of Bat girlsimply cancelled, watching the slow disintegration of Warner Bros. Discovery has continued to be entertaining.

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