An International Gothic Horror Sensation Creates A Cult Of Disney Plus Devotees

satan’s slaves

We’re getting more and more used to the idea of ​​R-rated content playing like a big hit on Disney Plus, with Defenders Saga and Predator prequel Prey both drawing monstrous viewership numbers on the platform, but the notion of a supernatural gothic horror titled satan’s slaves attracting Mouse House subscribers en masse.

And yet that’s exactly what’s happening this weekend, with the Indonesian sensation having become the ultimate tale of blood, guts, gore and things that go bump in the night to make an unlikely splash in the Disney streamer. According to FlixPatrol, the acclaimed phenomenon has been steadily climbing since it became available in many overseas territories, and could yet find even more favor and fortune at this time on Monday.

satan's slaves
via RLJE

Tara Basro’s Rini takes center stage in the story, with her family almost shattered beyond repair from a physical, mental and financial perspective. After her mother’s death, Rini discovers that the matriarch was infertile, but she had managed to have children by joining a satanic cult and literally making a deal with the devil. However, with our protagonist’s own son about to turn seven, the cult seeks to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs as part of the dark deal.

satan’s slaves it sold more admissions than any other Indonesian film in 2017, as well as any other local horror film in history up to that point, while also debuting atop the Hong Kong box office when it opened worldwide in 42 countries. different, which ultimately saw it earn over $16 million globally on a budget of just $150,000.

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That’s not even mentioning a 91 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, so satan’s slaves comes with a great pedigree to hook the Disney Plus crowds.

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