An ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Fan Shares A Perfectly Oddly Familiar Pitch For Season 2

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With Obi Wan Kenobi Having just completed its six-part event series, fans are wondering if Ewan McGregor could don his Jedi robes again for a second season. The cast and crew have talked a lot about the possibility, but so far Disney has yet to comment on the situation or make a sophomore run official. So while we wait for more updates, it’s up to viewers to imagine what form a second season could take.

And this viral tweet provides the perfect, albeit oddly familiar, tone. Twitter user @Corey_WolfPack he suggested that, get this, maybe the next stage of Obi-Wan’s story should see him team up with Luke Skywalker to save an adult Princess Leia from her evil father, Darth Vader. And maybe he could die in the end. It sure sounds like an exciting episode four the saga for me

“My speech for season 2 of [Obi-Wan Kenobi]”, the tweeter shared, “is that Obi-Wan meets the young adult Luke and they embark on an adventure to rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. Unfortunately, Obi would meet the end of him at the hands of Darth Vader to allow Leia, Luke, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to escape.”

Star Wars fans rate this extremely original idea and are convinced that it could offer some new Hope for the franchise.

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Wow, a story that connects the prequels, rogue oneY Only? could be like a Star Wars version of Avengers: Infinity War!

On the other hand, it may not work as well.

And, knowing the fans, people would probably rip it to shreds.

Also, do we really think Han Solo has legs as a character outside of his own movie? Maybe if they replaced Alden Ehrenreich with someone else. It’s a pity that the boy from Indiana Jones I never got to play with it.

While we wait to see what’s next for Obi Wan Kenobiits first (not just, we hope) six episodes are available to stream on Disney Plus now.

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