An under-the-radar action gem pulverizes a couple of streaming platforms

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Action movies have been gradually growing in terms of budget, scope, scale, and spectacle, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes you just want to see some amateur guy playing a character with a stupid name kick some ass. ancient. . As a result, the 2018 rollback brave has had enduring popularity, despite going unnoticed at first.

Jason Momoa heads up the wonderfully dubbed Joe Braven, with the $5 million lo-fi flick that arrived with little fanfare in February 2018. However, thanks to some hard-hitting scenes and an over-the-top penchant for ax violence, The Merry Ode from director Lin Oeding to the Golden Age of the genre has been a regular hit on broadcast.

via saban

once again reinforcing braveCredentialing as a cult favorite, the wildly popular story of a man who overcomes insurmountable odds after his remote cabin is attacked by a gang of nefarious drug dealers has returned to prominence once again, this time in a couple from rival platforms. .

According to FlixPatrol, brave has reappeared on both the Prime Video and iTunes most viewed charts this week, with word of mouth propelling it back into the spotlight. What makes it even rarer among modern action actors is that critics and audiences are in complete agreement with the film, given that it boasts identical Rotten Tomatoes scores of 77 percent from both sides.

We’d love to see a sequel, no doubt about that, but so far that trail remains as cold as the snowy setting. It’s a missed opportunity for a franchise, but at least we can sleep easy knowing that brave The fandom is still as strong as ever.

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