An underrated apocalyptic horror prays for the end of time on Netflix

via Triumph Films

Supernatural horror, apocalyptic stories of impending doom, and disaster movies are the three perennially popular subgenres on their own, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that The remaining It turned out to be a pretty decent amalgamation of all three.

Well, that depends on which side of the division you’re on, given that the respective critical and user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes paint a picture polarized at 60 and 38 percent, respectively. However, Netflix users have clearly been praying for the end times to come. The remaining earned a spot on the platform’s global watch list, according to FlixPatrol.

the remaining
via Triumph Films

Co-writer/director Casey La Scala’s ambitious feature film starts off with a bang, when a group of friends reunited for a wedding find the happy occasion ruined by a catastrophic event that wipes out most of the attendees. The survivors seek refuge in a nearby church, where the local pastor informs them that they are in the midst of the Rapture.

Naturally, that does nothing to calm anyone’s nerves as the heavens open up, the world as you know it begins to descend into chaos, all while theological discussions and religious opinions are smeared with the trappings of low-budget horror. , with some demonic entities thrown in for good measure.

It might not be for everyone, and some of the subtext is so direct that you might have a hard time keeping your eyes from rolling, but The remaining it’s effective enough once the stage is set and it lets the audience know what it wants to be.

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