An Unfairly Ignored Gothic Werewolf Mystery Howls in Top 10 Streaming

via LD Entertainment

You’re never too far from a new werewolf movie at any given time, and the overabundance of cinematic lycanthropy may have been one of the reasons why. The damn it flew so far under the radar when it launched earlier this year.

Written and directed by Sean Ellis, the hybrid set in a period of terror, suspense and mystery arrived with a premise brimming with potential and a talented cast, but failed to make much of an impact on the collective consciousness, which is strange for a hirsute blood, guts, gore and fangs story that appeals to the widest possible horror audience.

The damn
via LD Entertainment

Although finally The damn has been howling at the moon on streaming, after hitting the top 10 most-watched list among iTunes subscribers in the United States, according to FlixPatrol. A 74 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes with over 120 reviews in the bag highlights that we’re not talking about a cheap VOD cooler in the basement, something viewers are now discovering for themselves.

Boyd Holbrook makes headlines as a pathologist who investigated a brutal massacre in 19th-century France, tormenting locals with vivid nightmares. At the center of it all seems to be a local baron, but when his son goes missing and more bodies begin to turn up, the visitor begins to believe that something truly terrifying and ungodly lurks in the woods.

If that sounds straightforward, then keep in mind that there are new additions and wrinkles added to the established werewolf lore, enough to pique the curiosity of anyone interested in toothy beasts.

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