An Unrecognized ‘Star Wars’ Fashionista Finally Gets the Praise She Deserves

Image via Disney Plus

Yes Andor something has taught us, is that the Star Wars The universe is no stranger to dystopia. With Stormtroopers ready to point their weapons in your direction at the slightest hint of transgression, life under the cruel fist of the Empire really shined a light on everything.

But the dystopian galaxy of Star Wars persisted long after the fall of the Empire, as we saw in the mandalorian. In fact, what sector could call itself anything but ruinous when one’s value is based on their status or combat prowess and not how high their drip is?

Such is the confusion of an alien who is long overdue for praise. Bearing the illustrious honorific of “Unidentified Mon Calamari Dockworker,” this mechanic brought a much-needed touch of paisley to the myth in the second season of the mandalorian.

After Din Djarin’s gunboat crashed into the waters of the Trask Moon Estuary, this dutiful dockworker greeted the protagonist as he emerged from his badly damaged vessel. Confident that he could get the ship airborne again, the dockworker accepted a thousand credits from Din before heading straight to work, eventually managing to patch up the loose ends to get it airborne, despite the fact that the helicopter is now a trip full of trouble. permanent potholes, much to the chagrin. of Din.

But, the worker said he could make it fly without outright saying the ship could be repaired, and for this questionable honesty coupled with the coziest outfit the galaxy has ever seen, we stand firmly by his side.

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And according to r/StarWars, the dockworker can add “trendsetter” to his long list of achievements.

Thank you for your services, Unidentified Mon Calamari Dockworker. We will make sure your threads warm the hearts of many for years to come.

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