‘And yes…?’ director says season 2 is wilder and crazier

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The Marvel Animated Show And yes…?, like the comic before it, has always been a playground for the craziest ideas. Episodes like “What If… Ultron Won?” and “What if…Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?” explore alternate realities without affecting official Marvel canon.

The show has been surprisingly successful, earning three Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Animated Program for the doctor strange episode.

Now director Bryan Andrews says the show’s next season will be even wilder. In an interview with TermAndrews explained what will make this season different from the last.

“Obviously more unique stories that slowly get a little bit wilder. The first season, Kevin (Feige) wanted to keep it a little bit closer to the vest, to have a little thing that was different and that little thing made these things different, but still tied very much to a moment in the movies or to one particular. movie itself.”

The difference now, he said, is that there is more material to play with, so there is room to play and expand. The new season will pit new characters, who “we haven’t really had a chance to play before and see how they integrate with some of the returning favorites. There’s a lot of really cool stuff out there and I can’t wait for people to see it,” she said.

It also shed some light on why Marvel chose the doctor strange episode for Emmy consideration – something that happened before the multiverse of madness The movie was even officially a thing.

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“There are a lot of other episodes that were really great, but this one overall had a very emotional core. It just made everything really strong and cohesive, but I think the strongest thing is the ending.”

Of course, having an Oscar-winning actor on your list doesn’t hurt either.

“Another reason is that Benedict Cumberbatch did an amazing job playing the evil Doctor Strange,” he said, “and that was long before multiverse of madness It was really starting.”

Turns out the show was so impressive that the team working on it doctor strange The film was told to watch it, with Feige saying, “You better watch out, because this shit is good,” according to Andrews.

“I think they borrowed a lot from what we were trying to do in that episode, which is crazy.”

And yes…? is scheduled to return to Disney Plus sometime in early 2023 with an episode called “What If…Captain Carter Battled Hydra Stomper?”

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