‘Andor’ Controversially Pointed To As The Blueprint All ‘Star Wars’ Shows Should Follow

Photo via LucasFilm

Five episodes in and Andor has more than proven its worth. The show focuses on slowly building tension and character development, as well as some of the best writing Star Wars has seen since, well, ever. Next week’s episode will mark the midway point of the 12-episode first season, returning in 2024 for a further 12 episodes that will carry the story of Cassian Andor up until we met him in rogue one.

But a somewhat unfortunate consequence of AndorThe success of is that it is so good that it is making others Star Wars the shows look worse by comparison. boba fett book Y Obi Wan Kenobi looks youthful when placed side by side Andor and gives upcoming programs like Ahsoka Y skeleton crew a huge hill to climb next year.

So should everyone Star Wars the shows are meant to be like Andor? Fans are debating it on r/StarWars, and unsurprisingly, there’s a wide range of opinion:

The counterpoint is that Star Wars clearly has room for a wide range of tones, the extremes being Andor Y star Wars:

But some wish Kenobi had been done like this:

Others theorize that the key could be Andor taking Star Wars really:

It’s hard to deny that AndorThe writing of is leaps and bounds beyond most other Star Wars media:

then again, Andor It’s not just great because of his writing…:

Is it really better than the original trilogy?

It is worth noting that Andor A high bar has been set for the first five episodes, so if the quality even falters a bit as the season continues, fans will be eager to point it out. Hopefully the right lessons will be learned from Andorsuccess, since we would die happy if Star Wars remained at or around this level.

Andor airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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