Apex Legends data miner seems to have discovered a spooky new LTM map

Every October, Apex Legends hosts its annual Halloween event, with an LTM called Shadow Royale in which Legends turn into zombie-like shadows with supernatural speed and strength. But after a prolific Apex Legends dataminer uncovered evidence of a new Halloween event, it looks like the game’s developers may have something different in store for trick-or-treaters this year: the new Gun Run LTM, set in a version shadow of the Olympus map. .

The data miner, who previously leaked Apex Legends battle pass content long before they debuted in-game, posted an image to his Discord server that seemed to suggest an upcoming version of Gun Run set on a map called “Haunted You are.” which appears to be a Halloween version of Olympus’s Autumn Estates POI.

If this leak turns out to be legitimate, it will be the biggest change to Apex’s annual Halloween event as it was renamed Shadow Royale (formerly Shadowfall) for the game’s second year, and it would mean Gun Run may not be gone forever. when the Beast of Prey event ends on October 4. But Apex devs said in a recent AMA series that they have no plans for more events like Season 8’s multi-mode War Games event, so the leak could mean a spooky take on Gun Run. replace Shadow Royale entirely, instead of sharing the stage. One thing is for sure, though: If the leak is legit, Apex players will finally get a glimpse of what Olympus looks like after dark, just like when the Kings Canyon After Dark map made its initial debut during the New Year’s Halloween celebration. 1.

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Kings Canyon After Dark is exactly what it sounds like: a night version of the normally sunny Kings Canyon map. It’s appeared multiple times throughout Apex’s history, but players haven’t had a chance to explore an “after dark” map outside of Shadow Royale matches for over a year. The chance to get a good look at a different “after dark” map is certainly an exciting prospect. Another well-known Apex Legends content creator, iLootGames, has actually seen the map for itself, and it’s not just about Autumn Estates getting a spooky makeover. The video shows the entirety of Olympus consumed by darkness, suggesting that despite the developers’ statements in recent AMAs, players may see both Gun Run and Shadow Royale in sunless Olympus this Halloween.

The video shows Pathfinder’s Fight Night POI in a state of disarray, with banners and billboards depicting Revenant. Even the ticker text has been changed to one of Revenant’s favorite phrases: “Watch them beg.”

In Apex lore, there is a shadowy alternate dimension in which the Revenant has staged a coup, overpowered the Syndicate, and is worshiped as a god. Seeing how all the Pathfinder statues have been replaced with replicas of the Revenant death totem in this dark new Olympus, it stands to reason that Revenant from the shadow dimension is planning to visit our dimension in October.

While all leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, the leakers in question have excellent track records when it comes to accuracy, so it’s entirely possible that players will be running and gunning through a dark Olympus in just a few short weeks. But until then, it’s probably a good idea to get in some throwing knife practice while the sun is still out.

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