Apex Legends Mobile Conqueror Of Kings Event Guide

Apex Legends Mobile’s latest limited-time event, Conqueror of Kings, launched this week and challenges players to “conquer” various points of interest on the Kings Canyon map in exchange for free cosmetic rewards and in-game currency.

The event requires players to collect crowns by completing three daily quests. Players who earn all 55 crowns will get five free rewards, including a mobile-exclusive skin for Pathfinder. Read on for a closer look at the event along with some tips to help you finish it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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When you log in for the first time, several welcome screens will appear. Select “Go!” to be taken directly to the event center. If you accidentally skip the home screen, select the “Seasonal Event” banner on the right side of the main lobby screen. Once there, select the “Limited Time” tab at the top of the screen, then the “Conqueror of Kings” tab, which is in the middle of the vertical event list on the right side of the screen. The event hub itself is deceptively sparse, with no event description and only one sentence serving as event instructions: “Master the different areas of Kings Canyon to win prestigious prizes.” But unlike previous mobile events, selecting “Go!” The option at the bottom of the Conqueror of Kings screen will not automatically load you into a match, but instead will take you to the Conqueror of Kings event hub, which displays the challenges and rewards of the event.

Locations and challenges

When you navigate to the event hub, an animation will play showing a map of Kings Canyon and zeroing in on a specific POI. That OI is the area you must “conquer” by completing daily POI-exclusive challenges.

Each day, a new set of three challenges will appear in the event hub. Each day’s challenges will be tied to a specific POI. You don’t need to complete all the challenges on the day they appear, just make sure you complete them before the event ends.

The main event hub, with map locations, challenges, and prizes.

The currently unlocked points of interest and their respective challenges are as follows:

slum lakes

  • Deal 1000 damage in Slum Lakes in Kings Canyon mode*
  • Kill 5 enemies in Slum Lakes in Kings Canyon mode.
  • Land in Slum Lakes at the start of a match in Kings Canyon mode.

Air base

  • Deal 1000 damage at the airbase in Kings Canyon mode
  • Deal 500 damage in a single match in Kings Canyon mode.
  • Open 5 supply containers at the airbase in Kings Canyon mode.
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  • Deal 1000 damage on Repulsor in Kings Canyon mode.
  • Kill 5 enemies on Repulsor in Kings Canyon mode.
  • Kill 3 enemies in a single match on Repulsor in Kings Canyon mode.

There are still four points of interest that have not yet been unlocked:

  • skull city
  • Artillery
  • wetlands
  • The supply ship (which will be floating between Water Treatment, Skull Town and Thunderdome)

*Kings Canyon mode appears to refer to the vanilla, unranked Battle Royale mode.

Crowns and rewards

Completing all three challenges for a POI will “conquer” that area and earn you 10 crowns. You’ll need a total of 55 crowns to get all the free rewards, but the good news is that completing all the challenges in the event will net you a total of 80 crowns, meaning you only need to “conquer” six of the eight events. Points of interest to earn enough crowns for all the rewards.

The Conqueror of Kings event rewards, and the number of crowns required to redeem them, are as follows:

  • 10 Crowns: Beau Mirage Red Banner Frame (Rare)
  • 25 Crowns – Standard Syndicate Pack
  • 35 Crowns – Molten Core Charge Rifle Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • 45 Crowns – 5,000 Season Coins, used to unlock mobile-exclusive skins in the Season Store.
  • 55 Crowns – Flare Bright Pathfinder Character Skin (Rare)

You can also earn 100 Flux by sharing the event on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram via the share button located in the bottom right corner of the event hub.

The mobile-exclusive Flare Bright Pathfinder character skin
The mobile-exclusive Flare Bright Pathfinder character skin


Choose your battles. If there is a point of interest that you absolutely hate, focus on one that you feel most comfortable with. While the supply ship challenges have yet to be revealed, they are likely to be some of the most challenging, due to the chaotic nature of landing on the supply ship and the sheer luck involved in completing challenges that require you to kill a certain number of enemies in a specific area.

Play the correct legend. In addition to choosing areas of the map that you are most comfortable with, it is also a good idea to choose a legend that you are comfortable with. That said, some have more advantages than others when it comes to this event.

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Loba is a great pick, as her abilities will allow you to select the team of your choice and jump straight into the action, with the added bonus of an easy escape via her Jump Drive ability. When it comes to racking up knockdowns and damage, you can’t go wrong with Caustic. His abilities are perfect for racking up passive damage and effortless takedowns while keeping enemies at bay. Finally, Rhapsody serves as a well-rounded option that provides protection against scans while also allowing you to monitor enemies through sound, as well as giving you and your squad a speed boost that’s perfect for a quick escape if things get out of hand. twist.

Play as a team. While this is always good advice when it comes to Apex Legends, it’s absolutely vital if you want to complete this event. A well-coordinated team will make completing the event challenges much easier, so we suggest teaming up with a few friends, whether you know them in real life or ran into them in the lobby.

Even if you’re stuck playing random, be sure to communicate. Let them know what point of interest you intend to focus on and what specific challenges you’re trying to complete, and when you need them to watch your back while completing a finisher or any other action that leaves you exposed. Don’t forget to return the favor, too: if you come across a particularly helpful teammate, ask them if they have any Conqueror of Kings event challenges they need help completing.

The Conqueror of Kings event will be available until August 7 at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET. Don’t forget to check out the other Season 2 challenges and complete their weekly user survey for an additional 500 Season Coins.

Apex Legends Mobile is available to download on iOS and Android.

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