Apex Legends Mobile Squad Up Event Guide

Apex Legends Mobile’s new in-game event, Squad Up, launched last night and will only be available through the weekend. The event encourages players to team up with their friends and complete challenges as a team in exchange for free loot. Squad Up consists of a series of challenges that can only be completed with a pre-made squad.

Players who complete all challenges will receive a number of free rewards, including in-game currency and an epic level Fade holospray. Here’s everything you need to know to make quick work of this event and score a little free loot for you and two friends.

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When you log in, you will see a series of landing pages announcing various events, one of which is the Squad Up event. You can also navigate to the Squad Up event hub by tapping on the scrolling banner on the right side of the main lobby screen when the event announcement appears. Alternatively, select the “Seasonal Event” banner, then tap the “Limited Time” tab at the top of the screen. After that, select “Squad Up” from the vertical list on the right side of the screen, located between “VIP Access” and “Daily Rewards”.

The Squad Up Event Hub

challenges and rewards

Please note that these challenges can only be completed with a pre-made squad. But don’t worry too much if you don’t have a group of friends to play with yet; it’s easy to make friends in the lobby chat. Just make sure you’ve already met before selecting “Go!” option in any of the challenges of the event.

The challenges and rewards of the event are as follows:

  • Play 1 game with friends in Hack Mode: 2000 Season Coins
  • Play 1 match with friends in Kings Canyon – 1 double XP card (active for a single match)
  • Play 2 matches with friends in any multiplayer mode – 3,000 Season Coins
  • Play 2 games with friends in Hack Mode: 10 Syndicate Pack pieces (enough to create 1 Syndicate Pack)
  • Play 3 Battle Royale matches with friends: Current Phase Fade holospray (Epic)
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The challenges themselves aren’t particularly difficult, but players who are determined to unlock all five rewards will want to move on: the Squad Up event is only available this weekend and will end on August 7.

The epic level Phase Current Fade holospray
The epic level Phase Current Fade holospray

If playing solo is more your speed, make sure to finish any incomplete Conqueror of Kings event challenges, check out the latest Phase Heist collection, and check out the Warp Season Overview to make sure you haven’t missed out. missed any free challenges. Season 2 loot, especially those sweet daily login rewards.

Apex Legends Mobile is available to download on Android and iOS devices.

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