Apex Legends Mobile’s Bunny Hopping is finally getting nerfed

It looks like bunny hops won’t be as viable a strategy in Apex Legends Mobile going forward, as developer Respawn is going to nerf the move. The change will be made in the next game update.

“We’ve seen some interesting clips of players keeping momentum through [bunny hopping]creating a wild move,” Respawn wrote in Twitter. “However, the amount of momentum conservation through this technology was never intended, so a fix for this will be included in our next update.”

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Bunny hopping is a technique that can be carried out in many first-person shooters, where players rely on momentum, crouching, and repeated small jumps to move. It’s a very popular technique in Titanfall 2, which allows pilots to move around the map faster than just running and turn them into smaller targets that are harder to hit. The same can’t be said for Apex Legends, where Legends don’t move with the same acceleration as Titan Pilots.

Much like Titanfall 2, bunny hopping has been an extraordinarily useful tactic in Apex Legends Mobile since day one. In Respawn’s mobile battle royale, being able to successfully perform the technique can make you extremely difficult to hit, which has created frustration in the community. It’s good to see Respawn finally addressing it.

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