Are corner crossings gone from Street Fighter 6? I’m broke!

Open face-to-face defense? in this economy?

street fighter 6 Fans have been delving into all the tech details emerging from Japan Expo 2022 this weekend, which offered attendees the chance to get their hands on a preview version of the exciting-looking fighting sequel. And, in just a few days, Twitter has been full of potential technology.

Before the doors to the show had barely opened, we already received footage of Luke’s abominable Popeye dance, essentially confirming that the winning poses from Perfect Round would be returning to the series. This fun little note was followed by some much more comprehensive hits and misses, like the return of Ryu’s dominant CR MK, which was the last since he dropped the chumps. street fighter iii.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. As Capcom held several live exhibition matches, players brought out all sorts of cool mechanics. Popular FGC veteran HiFight saw a spin juggle, as new kid Luke countered Ryu’s mighty Tatsu, before following up with a quick DP punch before the Street Fighter hero has even hit the ground. remains to be seen what exact circumstances cause the spin-out. Maybe it’s just Drive Impact flak? Like in this example.

During another exhibition match, fight fanatic NurseLee saw an instance where Ryu lands a perfectly timed HK Punish Counter on Chun-Li, leaving the latter in a state of collapse. This instance seems to be some sort of Crush Counter/Focus Attack hybrid, with the impact of the former and the result of the latter. Ryu can then dash in for a follow up on Tatsu.

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In another clip, we see that street fighter 6 he’s reevaluating his shell game and zoning. Amidst some downright charming special effects, Chun-Li’s EX Kikoken is able to swallow Luke’s Sand Blaster and still land two hits on impact. As noted in NurseLee’s comparison, the Kikoken, despite being EX, doesn’t seem to cause falls like in street fighter iv. It seems like a fair suggestion that the toughest projectile mechanic they aim to add a deeper level of strategy to zoner battles, perhaps encouraging parry responses over standard blocking or jumping into a primed DP.

However, perhaps one of the biggest reveals of the weekend comes from the apparent removal of Corner Cross-ups. In layman’s terms, this means the aggressor can no longer jump over a cornered opponent, requiring the attacker to open up the wall-backed enemy from the front, unable to jump over them to cause further confusion (at the risk of cornering). . themselves). However, a later clip suggests that the corner crossings can still work on downed opponentsbut not standing.

Several 2D/2.5D fighting games already negate corner crossings. DNF duel Y faulty gear effortfor example, but this will be the first time in a few years that the option has been removed from Street Fighter. Honestly, corner crossings are a risky tactic, but I’ve developed a habit of using them, so I’ll have to adapt when I get my time in the ring.

Of course, it goes without saying that this is a very early version of street fighter 6, and as such, each and every mechanic is still “on the table”, so to speak. Capcom will no doubt be listening to feedback from both professional and amateur players in the coming weeks and months, fine-tuning every element of the game ahead of its official release in early 2023. Before then, we can expect to see SF6 at other exhibitions and tournament events, so it will be exciting to see what other reveals will follow.

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street fighter 6 releases on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox in 2023. In the meantime, check out our previous reports on the leaked character roster, our thoughts on new heroes Luke and Jamie, a look at the sequel’s intriguing new mechanics, and some of the new gameplay. new characters. topics

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