Aspyr releases statement on Knights of the Old Republic 2 bug

Developer Aspyr issues an official statement regarding the game-breaking Onderon bug currently affecting Knights of the Old Republic 2 on Switch.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 has gotten a lot of attention since its release, but unfortunately, not for the reasons fans wanted. Soon, Knights of the Old Republic 2 features a game-breaking bug that prevents the game from being defeated.

At one point in the game’s Onderon story, the player will split themselves and their companions into two parts. After completing the first group’s quest, a cutscene will trigger where the Basilisk crashes into Onderon; at this time, as long as there is no simple solution, the game will crash. Aspyr recently confirmed that this was a known bug in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 on social media, issuing an official statement shortly after.


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The statement is short and sweet. Aspyr reiterates that it is aware of the game-breaking bug, but also adds that its data “suggests that this only affects a small number of users.” The company then also reiterates that a patch is in the works, but does not provide any specific ETA for the patch. Many are understandably upset to see that the game launched with such a bug, completely ruining the game. Knights of the Old Republic 2 Change the experience too.

Perhaps the worst thing is that Knights of the Old Republic 2 it’s a good Switch port in how well the graphics and gameplay translate, simply marred by glitches. For those who want to move on, it seems that fans of the franchise have found a new solution; however, it does involve accessing the in-game cheat menu.

In a nutshell, before entering the basilisk, players can press the left stick three times to bring up the cheat menu. Players can then choose to warp and go to 504OND, which will bypass the cutscene and allow players to continue the story on Onderon. It should be noted that while this fix works for some fans, it is unknown if there are further complications as a result or just after completing Onderon.

For some, the experience may simply be too daunting to continue, or they may choose to wait until Aspyr releases the patch. Although there is no ETA, Aspyr is working on it and hopefully it will come sooner rather than later and improve the overall experience on Switch. This game-breaking bug may be the worst, but it’s not the only one in the game after all.

Knights of the Old Republic 2The Switch ‘s port cannot be bypassed by legitimate means at this time.

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