Astral Ascent, Cat Cafe Manager… The Steam games of the week

Game News Astral Ascent, Cat Cafe Manager… The Steam games of the week

Every day, dozens of new games land on Steam. To help you find your way around, the JV editorial staff offers you a selection of titles available during the week that may interest you every Monday.


Developed by the French from Hibernian Workshop, a small studio located in Angoulême, Astral Ascent is a mix between a roguelike and a 2D action game in a particularly colorful pixelart rendering. The title lets you control four characters with different personalities and gameplay, locked in the Garden, an astral prison guarded by the 12 Zodiacs, powerful and vicious bosses. Each protagonist has unique spells, which gives you the opportunity to optimize your builds and customize your combinations to be as effective as possible. The narration also plays an important part in the experience and the replayability allows the story to be revealed little by little to discover the motivations of each person as well as the many secrets of the Garden. Finally, a two-player cooperation mode is also available, whether locally or online thanks to Remote Play Together.

  • Release date: April 12
  • Buy Astral Ascent on Steam

Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack

Released in 2019, Planet Zoo continues to regularly welcome new content, with this week the Wetlands Animal Pack. Starring the capybaras, this DLC includes eight new species including: the platypus, the gray otter, the spectacled caiman, Mrs. Danube. All these creatures are entitled to new animations that always make them fascinating to observe. A new scenario has also been added, taking place in the Brazilian Pantanal, a rich and vibrant region where you can test your skills as a zookeeper in the largest marshes in the world. Your objective will be to take care of an animal sanctuary which aims to save endangered species.

  • Release date: April 12
  • Buy Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack on Steam

Cat Cafe Manager

Wholesome game par excellence, Cat Cafe Manager is a management game in which the player must take care of a cat cafe, as its name suggests, in Bourg-en-Chat after having inherited it from his grandmother . Once the place has been renovated, it will be necessary to befriend both felines and other human beings to ensure the sustainability of the establishment. To help with the service, it will be necessary to select an efficient team and distribute them among different tasks. Finally, you are free to compose the cafe menu to attract more and more customers. The whole balance of the game rests in taking care of both your friendly relations and the cats so that they are as happy as possible. At times, you can leave the café to visit Bourg-en-Chat, interact with its inhabitants and unravel the mystery of an old, decrepit altar to the glory of a cat god.

  • Release date: April 14
  • Buy Cat Cafe Manager on Steam


If Konami has slowed down its production of the game a lot in recent years, the Japanese company still continues to develop and publish new titles. This is particularly the case with CrimeSight, presented as a multiplayer simulation and mystery game that immerses its participants in the heart of a crime scene. The action takes place in a mansion stuck in the middle of a blizzard in which a murder has been committed. As in a Cluedo for example, some characters will be assassins ready to strike, and others targets who are all potential victims. Players in Camp Moriarty must complete their objectives by committing mischief, while those in Team Sherlock must prevent crime. A multiplayer investigation game, therefore, in the vein of what we experienced with Among Us, for example.

  • Release date: April 14
  • Buy Crimesight on Steam


If you got tired of Lost Ark or while waiting for Diablo Immortal, Ghostlore is a little pixel art hack’n’slash that may interest you. Taking place in a universe described as “Eastpunk”, the player is led to face legions of enemies inspired by the folklore of Southeast Asia. Inspired by classics of the genre like Diablo II and Titan Quest, the title offers randomly generated maps and an extensive character customization system to allow everyone to play as they see fit. When launching early access on April 14, the game provides 6 different classes and will allow you to mix the skills of three jobs simultaneously. Finally, a glyph system is also present to customize the gameplay even more in depth for all fans of this action role-playing subgenre.

  • Release date: April 14
  • Buy Ghostlore on Steam

Lulu’s Temple

For fans of the action-platform game, Lulu’s Temple is a title that could distract you with its simple and effective principle. In the shoes of an archaeologist, the player must progress within a terrifying pyramid, armed with a pistol and a torch. With its minimalist pixel art graphics, light plays a central role in the game experience as the interior of the temple is entirely immersed in darkness. It’s up to you to know when to throw your torch to light your way. To help you, you are also accompanied by a mysterious giant gold beetle, capable of bringing you certain objects.

  • Release date: April 14
  • Buy Lulu’s Temple on Steam

little ninja

In the no-nonsense game genre, Little Ninja puts you in the shoes of an eight-year-old child named Liam who recently received a Ninja mask as a birthday present and has since convinced himself that he must hiding to protect his home from the bad guys. Designed so that the player has the impression of becoming a child again, this is a very simple infiltration game in which you have to hide behind the elements of the decor. With a top-down view and cute pixel-art graphics, the gameplay is also very basic with just a button to dash as the main interaction.

  • Release date: April 15
  • Buy Little Ninja on Steam


In an aesthetic reminiscent of VHS, PopSlinger is a 2D shooter in which you play as Ria Carbon, a young teenager who tries to defend the Earth from invaders from another dimension using weapons fueled by gas. soda. In her quest, she is aided by a former PopSlinger hero named Gin. Together, they make it necessary to fight the Corazones, people whose hearts have been corrupted by these mysterious evil forces straight from another world. The whole adventure is punctuated by a very catchy soundtrack typical of the 80s-90s which reacts according to your actions in real time. A title in full Neo-Retro atmosphere which offers a nostalgic and colorful rendering.

  • Release date: April 14
  • Buy Popslinger on Steam

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