Atomic Heart: this post-apo USSR-style BioShock has bad news

Game news Atomic Heart: this post-apo USSR-style BioShock has bad news

Perhaps this name means nothing to you and yet Atomic Heart has been more and more talked about since its announcement in May 2018: it must be said that its inspirations are obvious and directly drawn from great tenors like BioShock or Fallout , all with a first choice plastic. Except that…

Russia, Death + Robots

Apparently, Atomic Heart has earned a small reputation since its first appearance four years ago: its universe takes place in a universe where the USSR has survived thanks to the use of avant-garde robots; the very people… who went mad and ended up destroying everything. The result is a Soviet world, destroyed and ultra-dangerous in which the hero will evolve with shotgun blows but also with powers directly inspired by BioShock plasmids : in short, a mixture of genres rather tempting for many.

This open-world FPS developed by the Russian studio Mundfish was to be released this year on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One (with even an exit in the Xbox Game Pass) but fate finally decided otherwise: it will be for 2023. And the reasons are pretty obvious: the conflict in Ukraine has considerably slowed down the site, the developers being fully impacted by the sanctions of the various countries applied against Russia.

A paused development

It was the Polish site XGP that was able to get their hands on this information, revealing in passing that the design of Atomic Heart was simply put on hold about a month after the events in Ukraine began. Today, Mundfish continues to pedal in semolina and therefore preferred to delay her baby until next year.

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Some will say that the developers are no longer close to this: not only was the game announced in 2018, but we learned that the screenwriter of the game had been working on the script for… more than seven years. We hope that all these efforts will not be in vain and we redirect you to the latest video, revealing very clearly the inspirations of a certain underwater and dystopian city.

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