Attention ! Google Photos bug and destroys your old images

News hardware Attention ! Google Photos bug and destroys your old images

Google photo is one of the best ways to secure and preserve images. But a bug has arrived for a few days and could mess up your gallery to the point of even damaging your photos!

A Google Photo bug that creates panic

Some users are full during the weekend of damaged photos. The pictures dating from more than 5 years ago and the American giant seems to have touched the images causing panic among some.

Reddit is full of testimonies of people in a panic discovering their altered gallery. Many artifacts appear on the oldest photos. Google seems to have tried to fix the problem, but made it worse, removing some cliches altogether. Result of the photos are unusable and completely corrupted.

For those who still see their images, it makes their photos look like they have taken on water.

From a distance it is often difficult to see errors, but something seems wrong. It is by concentrating that we realize that the photos are buggy. Everyone seems to be affected, as much in a browser, on iOS or Android. This is not a display error, but a server-side error from Google’s service.

Are your photos lost?

If you try to download the photos, the artifacts persist. The problem seems to be quite widespread all the same, but we still recommend that you check your gallery beyond five years. Users seem to have solved the problem overnight, without having taken any particular steps. Others still have the bug.

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The damage doesn’t appear to be permanent, and the only solution right now is to wait for Google to fix the problem. For the moment Google has not formalized anything about this bug. It is very likely that the American giant will discreetly resolve the malfunction and never talk about it. Especially since a few days before the conference to announce the new Pixels 7, it gets bad press. The best solution to such a communication problem is often to simply ignore it.

One thing seems certain, the damage does not seem permanent. Good news, especially for long-time Pixel phone users who store all their photos on the Google Photos cloud service for free.

The origin of this malfunction is currently not known and will surely be found in the coming days by independent users.

The question now is “can Google Photos be trusted?” The answer is difficult, especially since the Cloud service is paid and the free service for Pixel smartphone users will also end.

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