Attention ! The PS5 is in stock but we’ll have to hurry!

News good plan Attention ! The PS5 is in stock but we’ll have to hurry!

It is still so painful to get your hands on the PS5, Sony’s latest flagship console and yet it will soon be 2 years since it was released in France. How can this situation go on for so long? Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to this question, but all we can tell you is that if you are reading these lines, it means that stock has just arrived!

PS5 back in stock: don’t miss it again!

The PS5 catalog is certainly less extensive than that of the Nintendo Switch, but the fact remains that it can count on board a few nuggets, games that make you do a big “wow” as well as essentials.

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In short, the Sony PS5 is THE next gen console you need to enjoy games as powerful as they are sublime. But here it is: since its release in November 2020, it remains out of stock almost everywhere.

Why after almost two years since its release, is Sony’s flagship console still nowhere to be found? If the answer to this question comes in several factors, the main one remains the shortage of certain components on the market necessary for its manufacture.

It is a shortage that will have impacted the whole world, and even if it did not initially affect Sony’s latest console itself, it has impacted the production of the latter.

In reality, it is a shortage of semi-components that has turned the world market upside down since these components are used to produce many tech products. like cars, graphics cards, household appliances… and even game consoles. In short, the entire electronics market has taken a hit.

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Added to this shortage was the problem of scalpers who, with the intention of getting rich, bought consoles en masse at their base price to resell them at a much higher price to make a big profit. And if we do not encourage you to supply this market, this behavior is not illegal. But on the ethical side it is clearly disturbing…

First off, make no mistake, you’re going to need a hefty reserve of patience to get your hands on your PS5.

  • Register to start on merchant sites that are used to marketing it, such as Amazon (on the waiting list), Cdiscoubnt, Fnac, Micromania, etc.

The goal is then to enter in advance his personal information such as his mode of payment as well as the shipping address. Thus, as soon as the console is in stock, you will only have to validate the order and that’s it.

As you have understood, the purpose of the maneuver is to shorten the time between the first click and the validation of the order as much as possible.

  • Check PS5 Stock at Amazon
  • Check PS5 stocks at Fnac
  • Check PS5 stocks at Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stocks at Micromania
  • Check PS5 stocks at Boulanger

Also, to not miss any restocking, it is best to register on the alerts on each store.

  • Just go see the store!

Sometimes, nothing beats a small physical detour in store to ask the seller directly if he has a console left in stock. Of course, with a smile and a minimum of politeness: you could have a good surprise!

  • Here is the list of the next big PS5 titles:
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Game Release date
A Plague Tale Requiem October 18, 2022
Ghotam Knights October 25, 2022
God of War Ragnarok November 09, 2022
The Callisto Protocol December 2, 2022
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy February 10, 2023

Others will be added to the long list from the start of 2023, but we are already expecting an extremely busy end-of-year period. Sony does not intend to stop there.

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