Austin Butler’s life changed with these words as he became Elvis

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Austin Butler puts on his blue suede pumps to become Elvis Presley at Baz Luhrmann’s elvis, and audiences around the world will soon be wowed by his performance.

In the lead up to the movie, Butler has been talking about the interview experience, and while it’s something he treasures a lot, it also leaves him a bit in awe of the process. He joined The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about becoming Elvis Presley and his journey with Baz Luhrmann before landing the role.

The pair spent several months together while Butler learned the ins and outs of Presley before the audition. You have read well; Butler threw himself completely into the project before he knew it would be his.

A phone call after a screen test that was a bit chaotic, in proper Luhrmann fashion, revealed the seven words that changed everything for Butler: “Are you ready to fly, Mr. Presley??”

Butler doesn’t just fly like Presley; he rises The movie trailers, in addition to the Exclusively Elvis The 20/20 special and 12-minute standing ovation with his Cannes debut proves that Butler has what it takes to become not just the King, but a legend in his own right.

Presley’s life and relationship with Colonel Tom Parker will be on full display throughout Luhrmann’s film, and it will be a very different story for longtime fans, different but exciting.

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Elvis hits theaters June 24 and you won’t want to miss it.

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