Back 4 Blood DLC is adding some new low-tech weapons

With the release date for Back 4 Blood Children of the Worm approaching later this month, the second expansion for the zombie-infested co-op game will introduce a new chapter, new characters, and new ways to kill mounts. Fort Hope’s armory is already pretty well stocked with firearms, so the expansion adds a couple of new low-tech options for zombie vivisection.

On the official Back 4 Blood Twitter account, developer Turtle Rock Studios has shared images of two weapons coming with Children of the Worm in the past few days. one is the bow – appears to be a fairly standard recurve bow that has been upgraded with some pointed fangs secured with duct tape.

Turtle Rock says that you can shoot the bow quickly for moderate damage, or take the time to back up on a full shot for better accuracy and extra damage.

Another new weapon on the way is the iron claws. This is a melee weapon that attaches to a cleaner’s hand, providing that nice Wolverine ability when things get too close. Three hooked blades are attached to a reinforced plate that covers the back of the hand, with a handle on the underside to provide stability during intense slashing and slashing attacks.

In the description, Turtle Rock says that iron claws apply bleed damage and that using them increases melee attack speed. Exactly how this works is unclear, but it may be that attack speed increases with each link in a chain of attacks.

Los Hijos del Gusano arrives at the end of August. We are still waiting to learn many of the details of this second expansion, such as what kind of new enemies we will face. But we are sure to learn more in the coming weeks.

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