Balsa: How to Get Wood

Like a survival game RaftThe vast open world of is surprisingly relaxing. Something about being alone in the ocean just triggers that sense of composure. Then reality kicks in when players get hungry or thirsty, and it’s time to collect materials and food to survive in the cruel waters.

Gathering materials is essential to survive in Raft, especially wood (plank). It is the most common material in the game, but everything needs wood to be built or upgraded. Players must carefully manage their inventory and follow certain methods to quickly gather as much as possible.


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How to get balsa wood

There are multiple methods to put wood Raft. At first, players may notice that the planks are scattered throughout the ocean and can be picked up with their hands or a plastic hook. But then there are easier methods to get wood.

Barrels and loot boxes

When collecting floating loot from the ocean, it is important prioritize barrels as they contain four to six random materials within them. What makes them a priority is having a higher percentage to process into wood than other materials. Leaving players with at least two pieces of wood in each barrel.

Also, when players come across another abandoned Raft, usually has a loot box that contains multiple materials. Like barrels, loot boxes have higher drop percentages from wood rather than other materials.

stone and metal axes

Once stone or metal ax crafting becomes an option, players can chop down trees on each island they encounter. Small islands usually have around two or three trees, while large ones have many more. That can be beneficial, considering each cut tree will award two to three wooden planksalong with other items such as leaves and fruit.

Simple Collection Network

Now this is where it gets interesting. Harvesting nets are the best way to collect wood in Raft. They automatically catch floating materials that pass through them. They’re not hard to craft, so players can send them all over their structure.

In the late game, collecting wood in Raft it can get tedious, but having a solid line of nets will catch all materials from the ocean. Therefore, the more distance the structure covers from the players, the more wood it will automatically collect. Players can find themselves with hundreds of planks, so prepare a larger storage to hold all that wood.

Since the wind changes direction frequently in Raft, the players must be attentive and concentrate. One mistake is enough to carry the raft away from all the materials into a vast ocean of nothing. This wasted time will hurt players, so always make sure the structure is heading towards the waves of floating materials.

On top of all that, players shouldn’t build the nets on the edge of the structure. That will make them vulnerable to shark attacks. Instead, build at least one base layer before and after the networks to protect them.

Raft is available on pc

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