Batman Fans Rank The Best And Worst Batsuits, With No Nipple Love

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Most people agree that bat Man she sports some pretty cool outfits, except the ones with nipples on them. At least, that’s the impression we get from DC fans on Reddit, who have been debating the best and worst Batsuits in a heated fashion.

Thanks to SpeedForce2022’s post on the DC Cinematic subreddit asking fans to pick their favorite and least favorite Batsuits, we have facts about Batnipples that we didn’t think we needed. Except for a few presumably tongue-in-cheek responses, Reddit users unanimously hate the poorly dyed costumes Val Kilmer’s Batman wears in batman forever and George Clooney is in batman and robin.

Reddit user udubdavid “didn’t realize that Val Kilmer’s suit also had nipples” as he “thought that distinction was only for Clooney.” The Batnipples are the brainchild of Joel Schumacher, who directed both batman forever Y batman and robintwo of the worst movies in the franchise.

Finally, Schumacher explained that he wanted the costumes to be “anatomical”, like “Greek statues”, which usually have nipples. He had no idea of ​​the negative impact that would cause. “I just know that I will always lower Batman’s nipples starting with batman forever . . . We live in such a sophisticated world where two pieces of rubber the size of erasers on old pencils, those little bumps, can be a problem. It’s going to be on my tombstone, I know.”

Distracting nipples aside, we can come to the best movie Batman costumes. Many Redditors love Robert Pattinson the batman costume.

Others are supporters of Christian Bale’s suit from The dark knight trilogy.

Some even like Adam West’s incredibly old-fashioned outfit from the 1960s. bat Man TV show and movie.

Really, any Batsuit is an acceptable favorite, as long as it doesn’t have nipples. It is a sophisticated world indeed.

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