Because of this accessory, you will remain celibate for life

News hardware Because of this accessory, you will remain celibate for life

After the “Gaming Bed”, released in early 2020, the Japanese manufacturer Bauhutte, specializing in chairs and desks, is back with a new version of its module for single geeks, this time equipped with a foldable electric bed. Look no further, you won’t find anything crazier today!

Never leave your room, the dream of any self-respecting gamer

Who has never dreamed of spending their entire weekend playing, eating and sleeping without ever leaving their bedroom?

All the big players will tell you, sometimes on condition of anonymity so as not to be shown by their friends or their family, it is sometimes a dream to wake up and start playing without having to face the outside world.

If some have tinkered with a homemade installation in their room with a comfortable chair, a desk, three screens and a mattress nonchalantly placed in a corner to rest between two gaming sessions, professionals, like the Japanese Bauhutte, offer similar complete kits. and design in their catalog.

Live your best no-life with the Gaming Bed

Because of this accessory, you will remain celibate for life

The first time we heard of this Japanese manufacturer was in 2020 and the release of the famous “Gaming Bed” which had gone around the world with unusual ideas.

The concept is ultimately quite simple and not so stupid. After choosing your desk (straight, L-shaped or U-shaped), you add all the necessary and essential modules, such as shelves, telescopic arms, storage lockers, a wardrobe for pajamas, a small additional sideboard, a fridge to quench your thirst, a bedside table and therefore a real bed to regain your strength.

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In the V1, the bed was quite basic, even if you could add accessories such as onesies or even a heated seat for long winter evenings. The only notorious problem, to play in a “sitting” position, you had to use a kind of big pouf to wedge your back.

With this new model, the Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FA, Bauhutte corrects this problem by offering a new bed, this time motorized. The backrest can be tilted at 60° while the legs can be raised up to 35°. Enough to always be in the best position depending on the game and the time. On the other hand, still no toilets on the program…

For the bed alone, count 57,000 yen (around €420) and for a complete setup worthy of the name plan around €1,000. If the products are available on the official store as well as on Amazon Japan, for the moment nothing concerning Europe. But with a little imagination, you too can make your own no-life geek setup and assume your celibacy!

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