Believe It Or Not, Fans Are Really Excited For A ‘Green Hornet’ Reboot

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Proving once again that no property is safe from the incessant churn of reboots, remakes, and reimaginings, it was announced a couple of years ago that The Green Hornet and Kato it had entered early development at Universal.

The character originated in a 1936 radio broadcast that ran for 16 years, before the 1966 live-action television series brought wealthy playboy Britt Reid into the mainstream and introduced a certain Bruce Lee to the masses. However, once the show ended after just 26 episodes, we didn’t see the title hero or Kato again on our screens until 2011.

That’s when the unlikely pairing of Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen teamed up to tackle a big-budget superhero blockbuster, with decidedly mixed results from a critical and commercial perspective. Fast-forward a decade, though, and The invisible man‘s Leigh Whannell is lining up to bring The Green Hornet and Kato to the life.

Based on his track record that has seen him co-create the billion dollar saw giant, accomplish for $7 million what the Dark Universe couldn’t do with $150 million, and establish underrated action skills with Gets betterfans are surprisingly on board.

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Whannell had recently been collaborating with Ryan Gosling on a new version of The werewolfwhile a Invisible Man sequel remains lingering in development hell, with the filmmaker also determined to transform Gets better in an episodic effort after any chance of a second installment faded.

However, given the possible budget figures involved, we would expect The Green Hornet and Kato have priority.

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