Ben Schwartz celebrates Sonic’s birthday by highlighting Nicole Byer as a devotee

Ben Schwartz is celebrating the 31st birthday of Sonic the Hedgehoga character he voices in the film franchise of the same name, spotlighting comedian Nicole Byer as the blue stain’s most devoted fan.

“Happy birthday #Sonic! You’ve come a long way since I played you in Fernández’s Genesis in 1991! I am so proud to be a part of his story,” Schwartz wrote on Twitter. “To celebrate, here is a clip of [Connor Ratliff’s] Dead Eyes Live show where we found out [Nicole Byer] He’s a huge Sonic fan.”

Byer explained in the clip that she is such a fan of the 2020 film that she “cried” while talking about the film with one of the stars of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tika Sumpter. Byer said that she, too, “cried during therapy over Sonic.”

Hilariously, Schwartz asked why Byer never cried to him on the subject. To which Byer replied, laughing hysterically, “I don’t know.”

Byer poignantly explained that he became related to Sonic in the film due to his struggling with ADHD and sometimes feeling like he moves “too fast to make any real connections.”

Byer said he cried three times during the first film and twice during the sequel, the blockbuster. sonic the hedgehog 2.

Schwartz and Byer then participated in an impromptu therapy session where Schwartz talked to Byer, in character as Sonic, which was also very moving and is now one of our favorite things on the internet.

Schwartz wasn’t the only one to celebrate the mammal’s birthday on Thursday, as the director of the Sonic the Hedgehog films, Jeff Fowler also paid him a warm tribute.

“Happy birthday, little blue devil.

Thursday also marked the launch of the video game bundle. sonic originswhose exclusion of some tracks of sonic the hedgehog 3 and knuckles has done much to convince fans that the late Michael Jackson allegedly contributed to the original game’s score, We Got This Covered previously reported.

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