Best Beginner Character Base in Elden Ring – A Guide for New Players

When loading Elden Ring, the first thing you’ll do is create your character, which can be a time-consuming process, especially if this is the first title you’re playing from FromSoftware. Although you can increase your stats and get new equipment later in the game, your starting class has an impact in the early stages of the game. Some classes will be able to handle certain situations better than others. So which class should you play if you are playing this game for the first time? Here’s a quick overview of all 10 classes in the game, as well as their starting stats:

Class Level Vigor Mind Endurance Strength Skill Intelligence Faith Arcane
Astrologer 6 9 fifteen 9 8 12 sixteen 7 9
Bandit 5 10 eleven 10 9 13 9 8 14
Confessor 10 10 13 10 12 12 9 14 9
Hero 7 14 9 12 sixteen 9 7 8 eleven
Prisoner 9 eleven 12 eleven eleven 14 14 6 9
Prophet 7 10 14 8 eleven 10 7 sixteen 10
Samurai 9 12 eleven 13 12 fifteen 9 8 8
Homeless 9 fifteen 10 eleven 14 13 9 9 7
Warrior 8 eleven 12 eleven 10 sixteen 10 8 9
Unfortunate one 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

For new players, we do not recommend going with the Wretch class. Although every stat in the game that starts at 10 sounds appealing, you in turn start at level one and are equipped with only one club. No, you don’t even get armor with this class. The Lands Between is not kind and you will face many challenging enemies while exploring the world. Having a weak weapon and no armor makes this game even more challenging than it already is. You should only choose Wretch if you are familiar with previous FromSoftware games.

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Taking a look at the remaining nine classes, the best overall class for beginners is Confessor. He has the highest starting level at 10, and for the most part the rest of the class’s stats are in the double digits, with the exception of Intelligence and Arcane, both at nine, which is still good. You also start with a broadsword, a Blue Crest heating shield, Urgent Heal (healing enchantment), Assassin’s Approach, and a Finger Seal that allows you to cast enchantments. You also get some decent armor. The class allows you to attack up close, but also dabbles in a bit of magic early on thanks to the Finger Seal. Urgent Heal is great for when you run out of Crimson Tears, which you find yourself doing early on when facing the first boss of the game, Margit the Fell Omen. Lastly, Assassin’s Approach is a unique enchantment that makes your footsteps silent and negates fall damage for any non-lethal falls. Considering you’ll often run into a group of enemies instead of just one and there are a ton of areas you can fall from, having this spell is fantastic so you can understand how to deal with large groups. Plus, who can resist not taking fall damage?

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