Best Madden 23 TEs: Best Tight Ends By OVR Rating

Ratings week for Madden 23 is in full swing, as EA has now released the top 10 players for the wide receiver and tight end groups. In addition to the top 10, every pass receiving player in Madden, whether they’re a wide receiver or tight end, has been assigned a rating.

The tight end group isn’t as competitive as their wide receiver counterparts, but there are some notable players in the top 10. The highest rated TE is at 98 OVR while the lowest is at 84. Top five tight ends take shelter Not much has changed from last season, but there are some new additions in the back half of the ratings that they should keep the position interesting through the 2022 season. For a full view of every tight end’s rating in Madden 23, visit the EA website. The top 10 tight ends in Madden 23 can be seen below.

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Top 10 TEs in Madden 23

Unlike previous seasons, there is no tight end in the 99 Club to start the Madden season. While two players are close, EA has left the position out for now. Still, the tight end position is full of intrigue, as it usually is, and the top 10 players are pretty well picked this time around.

1. Travis Kelce – 98 OVR

The Kansas City Chiefs’ potent offense took a hit when Tyreek Hill was traded to Miami in the offseason. However, as long as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce remain in KC, the offense will be one of the best in the league. Kelce, a member of the 99 Club last season, could make or break Hill’s absence. While Kelce should see an increase in targets this season, he too could be covered by better players now that defenses don’t have to account for the speedy Hill. Either way, the 98 OVR from him is well earned. The question now is, will Kelce be able to return to the 99 Club in 2022?

2. George Kittle – 97 OVR

There is some debate about who is the better tight end, Kelce or Kittle. The two spearheads of Tight End University are pretty evenly matched in terms of their Madden 23 stats. However, Kittle has yet to eclipse Kelce as the best TE in the league, at least according to EA. Kelce’s QB situation is certainly more favorable than Kittle’s, who will see second-year QB Trey Lance take the helm in all likelihood. Still, Kittle always seems to find a way to present the best stats from his position.

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3. Mark Andrews – 93 OVR

According to EA, there’s a steep drop-off when talking about the top two tight ends compared to the rest of the field. The Baltimore Ravens’ Mark Andrews comes in with 93 OVR, four points behind Kittle. This comes after a season in which Andrews had nearly 1,400 yards and nine touchdowns. Whether Andrews can replicate that kind of performance remains to be seen, but it looks like EA is betting that the tight end will decline in terms of output.

4. Darren Waller – 91 OVR

The Oakland Raiders’ Darren Waller might have one of the best statistical seasons of any tight end. While the Raiders went out and traded for Davante Adams, this could leave Waller much more open than he did last season. Defenses will have to pay more attention to Adams, and this will probably benefit Waller a lot.

5. TJ Hockenson – 89 OVR

Five places in and we’re already out of 90 OVR territory. Detroit’s TJ Hockenson is rated 89 OVR to start the season, which seems fair given the tight end’s production dwindled toward the end of last season. If Hockenson can perform like he did in early 2021, he could see a raise to 90 OVR.

6. Kyle Pitts – 87 OVR

Kyle Pitts is entering the all-important second season for the Atlanta Falcons. NFL pundits are predicting a big season for Pitts, who caught just one touchdown last season. It remains to be seen who will be Pitts’ quarterback, but regardless, he should be the best option in Atlanta’s passing game. Pitts could see a sizeable uptick in his rating with a strong 2022 campaign.

7. Mike Gesicki – 86 OVR

Mike Gesicki quietly put together a strong 2021 season for the Miami Dolphins, racking up close to 800 yards. He didn’t catch as many touchdowns as he did in 2020, but that could change in 2022 with Tyreek Hill now catching passes on offense. Hill requires a lot of attention from defenses, which could open up Gesicki in the red zone. Still, it’s hard to imagine the tight end moving much in the ratings.

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8. Dallas Goedert – 85 OVR

Goedert took over the Philadelphia Eagles’ tight end position last season after splitting it with Zach Ertz for a few years. The Eagles didn’t have the best passing attack in 2021, but Goedert still had more than 800 yards and four touchdowns. A similar production is the tight end’s current outlook in 2022 given his rating.

T9. Zach Ertz – 84 OVR

The Arizona Cardinals traded for Zach Ertz at the trade deadline last season, and the tight end made an immediate impact. While some of that was helped by receiver DeAndre Hopkins being out most of the time, Ertz’s rating is fair given that he’s at the end of his career.

T9. Hunter Henry – 84 OVR

The New England Patriots made a big splash at tight end in the 2020 offseason, signing Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith to monster contracts. Of the two, Henry had the much more successful 2021 season, catching 50 balls for nine touchdowns and just over 600 yards. Improved play from quarterback Mac Jones and a stronger passing attack from the Patriots should only benefit Henry’s production in 2022, so 84 OVR might just be a starting point for the tight end.

That sums up the top 10 tight ends in Madden 23. You can read about who’s been named to the 99 Club or the top 10 wide receivers in some of our previous Madden 23 articles. Check back tomorrow to see which front running backs made the cut. in the top 10 of ratings.

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