Best Madden 23 WRs: Best Wide Receivers By OVR Rating

Madden 23 ratings week has begun, as EA released the first set of ratings for the wide receiver position. This came along with the reveal that the Oakland Raiders’ Davante Adams was the first member of the 99 Club in Madden 23.

Via ESPN, EA revealed the top 10 wide receivers in Madden 23. However, fans can also view each wide receiver’s rating to start the season. As always, these ratings are subject to change throughout the season, so fans should still hope their favorite wide receiver gets a raise after the 2022-2023 season begins in September. For a full view of each wide receiver’s rating in Madden 23, fans can check out the EA website and scroll through the ratings. To see the top ten wide receivers in Madden 23, take a look below.

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Top 10 WRs in Madden 23

As fans will already know, Davante Adams leads the pack of wide receivers to start the year. Adams was the only catcher in the 99 Club last season, and that trend has continued into Madden 23. However, there are a couple of catchers right behind Adams and they could easily see a bump depending on how they start next season. The lowest-rated receiver in the top 10 is 90, but two other players also share that rating. Suffice to say, there will certainly be some movement in the top 10 by the end of September.

Here are the top 10 wide receivers in Madden 23:

1. Davante Adams – 99 OVR

The Oakland Raiders landed a generational wide receiver in Davante Adams, and that’s reflected in his rating. This is the third time Adams has been in the 99 Club, and while the other two instances were with Aaron Rodgers at QB, Adams should be able to keep up his production with Derek Carr at the helm.

2. Cooper Kupp – 98 OVR

Some might say this is a snub, while others say it’s too high. Either way, it’s hard to argue that Cooper Kupp didn’t earn this rating with his performance last season. He finished with just under 2,000 yards last season and had an impressive 16 touchdowns. All of this culminated in a dominant postseason that ended with Kupp taking home the Super Bowl MVP. If Kupp gets off to a good start next season, we could easily see him get a one-point jump at 99 Club.

3. Tyreek Hill – 97 OVR

Yet another wide receiver who switched teams in the offseason, Tyreek Hill is arguably the biggest game changer in the NFL. His speed, coupled with his route running, makes Hill a deadly threat no matter where he lines up on the field. While having Patrick Mahomes at QB will certainly make things easier, Hill is confident his new QB in Miami, Tua Tagovailoa, will shine this season. If he’s right, then Hill could see an immediate rating boost from him.

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4. DeAndre Hopkins – 96 OVR

Despite not playing a full 2021-2022 season, the Arizona Cardinals’ DeAndre Hopkins is still one of the best wide receivers in football. His ability as a receiver is second to none and he should have a good recovery season in 2022 with quarterback Kyler Murray fully committed to the Cardinals. However, Hopkins risks falling in rating if he can’t replicate his previous yards/touchdowns per game averages.

5. Stefon Diggs – 95 OVR

Buffalo fans might have wanted him to be taller, but Stefon Diggs is ranked number five on the list, with a 95 OVR rating. Diggs is a crucial part of the Bills’ offense and affects it in more ways than anyone not named Josh Allen. He can be a real game destroyer for any opposing defense and has one of the best receiving stats in Madden 23. We could see Diggs overtake Hopkins in the ratings with a strong start to the season.

6. Justin Jefferson – 93 OVR

According to Justin Jefferson, this will be his last season without being at the top of the wide receiver ratings. Jefferson recently told Complex that Davante Adams is currently the best WR in the NFL, but after this season, it will be him. That’s a bold claim, but if it comes true then Jefferson won’t be staying at 93 OVR for long in Madden 23.

7. Mike Evans – 92 OVR

The definition of consistency at wide receiver is Mike Evans. The veteran Tampa Bay Buccaneer has racked up 1,000-yard seasons since he entered the NFL in 2014. That seemed in jeopardy a few months ago after quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement. However, as we all now know, Brady is back and Evans should have no problem reaching 1,000 yards again. The question is, will Evans be able to get to the end zone as much as he has in the past? With tight end and red zone target Rob Gronkowski now retired, Evans could top his 14 TDs from last season.

8. Keenan Allen – 91 OVR

Keenan Allen might be the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL year after year. Since he entered the NFL in 2013, the longtime Charger has done nothing but put up good numbers for a sometimes lackluster offense. However, with quarterback Justin Herbert continuing to mature and the Chargers’ defense getting much better this offseason, Allen should see an increase in his numbers from a year ago and more opportunities to play.

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9. Terry McLaurin – 91 OVR

A somewhat surprising but well-deserved entry into the top 10 is Washington Commanders stallion catcher Terry McLaurin. Ohio State’s product has continually improved since it entered the league and 2022 could be a breakout season. McLaurin has reached close to or over 1,100 yards in consecutive seasons, but with a new contract and more experience, he should be able to surpass that mark in 2022. Madden 23’s initial ratings keep things cautious with McLaurin to begin with, though.

10. Amari Cooper – 90 OVR

Rounding out the qualifications is new Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper. After a successful season in Dallas, Cooper established himself as a true number one wide receiver and landed a giant contract with Cleveland. While 90 OVR is nothing to scoff at, Cooper’s rating might be the most subject to change of anyone in the top 10. Cleveland’s QB situation has yet to be resolved with Deshaun Watson’s ongoing legal proceedings. with the league If Watson can play most or all of the 2022 season, Cooper should have a monster year. However, if Watson can’t play, Cooper’s production could drop with whoever the Browns insert at QB.

Honorable Mentions – 90 OVR

There are two additional wide receivers currently rated at 90 OVR: Michael Thomas and Tyler Lockett. Amari Cooper’s overall stats were better than these two wide receivers, which is why Madden 23 gave him the nod in the top 10. However, Thomas is recovering from a lost 2021 season and Lockett remains a major threat in a depleted Seahawk offense. Both could get past Cooper depending on what happens with the Browns and Deshaun Watson.

Those are the top 10 wide receivers in Madden 23 to kick off the 2022 season. EA will reveal the Edge Rushers tomorrow, July 19, so check back for the top 10 players at that position.

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