Best New Music: Lana Del Rey, Ryan Beatty and Snakehips and Tkay Maidza

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s best new music, myEvery Friday we highlight the best news from the past week.

Another Friday arrives and wait for the weekend, we have made it friends! Before we say goodbye and grab a cold beer, we’ve got another week of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated new song, to stunning new music from Ryan Beatty and Snakehips and Tkay Maidza, we’ve got some treats for you today; So without further ado, let’s get into that sweet, sweet music.

King’s wool – The scholarships

This is a legend that needs little introduction. Lana Del Rey’s latest single, ‘The Grants’, from the upcoming the album ‘Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?’ at the end of this month.

ryan beatty ribbons

Ryan Beatty, has just announced his third album ‘Calico’, with the release of a new single ‘Ribbons’ featuring Justin Vernon on slide guitar and synthesizer.

Snake Hips with Tkay Maidza – Show me the money

British dance duo Snakehips have released their latest collaboration with Tkay Maidza, the bold Australian purveyor of pop experimentation.

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Venbee – Channel

Kent-based singer-songwriter Erin Doyle, aka Venbee, follows ‘Messy in Heaven’ with the smash hit ‘Gutter’.

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