Best Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy – Simulacra Tier List

Whether you’re just starting your Tower of Fantasy journey or have already, understanding many of its unique elements can be difficult. One of those basic but complicated aspects is drills. At its core, simulacra are character skins that you can wear over the original to play, but it’s so much more. There are many simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, but which ones are the best? This guide will help you learn about Mocks, their functions, and the best Mock Tier List in Tower of Fantasy.

What are simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Simulacrums are the warriors from the Tower of Fantasy world that you can download into the game and equip to your starting character. These characters come with some of the best weapons in the game. They also have their passive abilities that you need to unlock.

Remember that you can use simulacra or their weapons individually, which means you don’t need to use simulacra to use their weapons. Some simulacra are better than others, and using the best ones can push you to the limit. Here is the tier list of all the currently available sims in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Simulacra Tier List in Tower of Fantasy

There are 17 simulacra that you can unlock in Tower of Fantasy. They are in two different rarities, some are SR and some are SSR. Usually the rarer the drills the better, but sometimes it can be a bit situational. When ranking simulacra, only their passive abilities matter; other than that, it’s mostly about their weapons, which is a different story. In this tier list, we will divide the mocks into three tiers, S, A, and B. This guide only covers the mocks available in the global version of Tower of Fantasy, which means there are no China exclusives.

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Level drills
yes Nemesis, Frigg, Claudia, KING and Samir
A Coco Ritter, Huma, Crow, Meryl, Shiro, Tsubasa and Zero
B. Bai Ling, Echo, Hilda, Pepper and Jan


All simulacra at S tier have the best passive abilities, making them a great simulacrum choice. For example, King’s passive ability allows you to restore 10% of his health by only killing five enemies. Or Nemesis’s passive, which can deal 100% extra damage with an Electrode and heal allies and herself for 200% of the attack result. In general, S-tier simulacra are a force to be reckoned with.

a level

Simulacrums at this tier are extraordinarily powerful and close to S tier. Raven has an excellent ability to deal an additional 12% damage for 20 seconds when engaged in combat, or when Zero uses any abilities, it reduces the cooldown of Relic by 3 seconds. These characters are great, but their numbers aren’t that crazy.

level b

You should only use these weaker Tier B Mocks when no other option is available. A great example is Hilda’s passive ability that increases vehicle speed by 10%, which is not practical. B-tier simulacra provide bonuses, but not to the level of the other two tiers.

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