Bethesda Reveals Incredible Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Series S

the Morrowind content update was the first major expansion for The Elder Scrolls online, and more add-ons have taken MMORPG fans to even more places to explore with tough challenges to overcome. Celebrating the successful launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Island expansion, Bethesda has revealed an incredible Xbox Series S based on the ever-changing game.

Xbox has revealed a plethora of custom Xbox Series consoles in the past, from a combination of Star Warsfrom the Xbox Series S consoles to the amazingly designed far away 6 Xbox Series X. Highlighting another impressive custom Xbox Series S, Bethesda has shown off a unit that is themed around the armor of The Ascendant Lord, one of the major characters in high island. Going even further than swapping out the base Xbox Series S, the high islandThe themed Xbox comes accompanied by an equally custom Xbox controller and headset emblazoned with the Ouroboros logo that has been used in The Elder Scrolls online From the beginning.


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Bethesda ANZ has partnered with Australian video game retailer We are Robots to create the Xbox Series S, Xbox controller, and stereo headset themed around The Elder Scrolls online for high island gift. While the high island The character The Ascendant Lord inspired the dark design of this Xbox Series S, the console and controller feature an icon on The Elder Scrolls online called the sigil of The Order. This symbol resembles a fist pointing up on a three-pointed crown, and is emblazoned on the left side of the top of the Xbox Series S and between the D-pad and right joystick on the Xbox controller.

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Although the sigil of The Order on the Xbox Series S console is stamped on what looks like a nameplate, the controller simply has the symbol just below a standard power button that appears encased in armor like much of the controller. The Elder Scrolls online The armor that inspired the design of the Xbox Series S console and controller is dark steel armor, and like the symbols on the game’s gear, the Xbox has more detail around its air vent, while the controller it has the same unique lines around its button layout. The Elder Scrolls online Fans in Australia, Southeast Asia, and the New Zealand region will be able to enter to win this custom Xbox Series S through Bethesda ANZ’s various social channels.

Responding to the Bethesda ANZ Xbox Series S exclusive giveaway tweet, many fans expressed what their knight name is and why it was given to them in the spirit of high island. Contrasting the others, one The Elder Scrolls online fan claimed they had never been knighted and instead uses old documents‘ Daedric magic to save lives while taking others without much appreciation in return. Some The Elder Scrolls online players lamented the fact that their region is closed to the Bethesda ANZ giveaway, while others debated the increasing quality of the MMORPG over the years.

The Elder Scrolls online It is available now for Google Stadia, Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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