Bilingual Young Leaders: Two nominees from BC were chosen from eight winners from four provinces across Canada

In mid-September, the non-profit organization French for the Future presented its new youth committee, the Young Bilingual Leaders. Two contestants from British Columbia were chosen from among eight winners from four provinces across Canada.

For two years, young people selected for their passion for bilingualism will have the task of setting up one or more projects to promote Canada’s official bilingualism among high school students. The Bilingual Young Leaders will also act as an advisory committee to the French for the future during their mandate, and will carry the voice of bilingual youth across the country.

Make the voice of bilingual youth heard across the country. | Photo of French for the Future

According to the team of French for the futurethe applications received were impressive by their caliber in addition to the commitment of these young people in their community despite their young age, as well as by their vision of a unifying, inclusive and hopeful Francophonie.

For young British Columbian Seerat Waraichi, one of the two chosen candidates, who is a grade 11 student at WJ Mouat High School in Abbotsford, in the greater Vancouver area, her participation in the youth committee, the Bilingual Young Leaderswill be a chance for her to create and organize events in her community, and even better, in her province, where anyone, no matter who they are or their skill level, can get together and practice their French. with other people his age. […] Everyone’s experiences are different, so she thinks coming together and getting to know each other opens your eyes to the beauty of the language and how you can communicate.

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As for the other winner from the province, Lilia Hessabi of Vancouver, a grade 12 student, she would like to become a lawyer. For the university, her goal is to be accepted at Sciences Po because she would like to live in France and travel around Europe. At her school, she is in the French immersion program. Her days are filled with volunteer activities, sports, different jobs and many other extra-curricular activities. Above all, she loves being a voice in her community. For this reason, she looks forward to being one of the young bilingual leaders!

What is Young Bilingual Leaders?

Bilingual Young Leaders is a youth committee created by French for the future which is made up of seven to eight young bilingual Canadians who are committed and eager to carry out projects that will promote bilingualism.

As a reminder, the last cohorts of the JLB program created and set up a pan-Canadian book club, as well as the United Bilingual Pen pals – a program that began as a pilot project and was so successful that it became an official program of the French for the future ! Moreover, registrations in the program of United Bilingual Pen pals for the year 2022-2023 are in progress.

The youth committee is a springboard for the implementation of local initiatives to promote official bilingualism through the acquisition of French for and by young people. The committee is an extension of the actions of the French for the futureit raises the awareness of even more young people and allows a group of qualified young people to receive training in governance and project management.

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The Youth Committee also acts as an advisory committee for French for the futurewhich aims to maintain a constant dialogue with young people so that the programs offered to them always remain relevant.

Founded in 1997, French for the future is a non-profit organization that encourages high school students to study and live in French. It aims to promote bilingualism in Canada, as well as the advantages of learning French and communicating in this language to students from grades 7 to
12th year.

To know more about French for the future:

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