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BioWare is taking their time with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but that’s great news as it means they’re hard at work on the game. The authors already pointed out months ago that the title was in the middle of its production, but now that has changed. Now, it appears that the project is far enough along to announce that they have reached a important milestone to remark.

It has been the CEO of BioWare, Gary McKay who has published a new post on the Dragon Age blog. The manager appreciates the great progress that the team has had since have reached the alpha stage which means that “we can enjoy the entire game, from the opening scenes of the first mission to the end of the game. We can see, hear, feel and play in a cohesive experience” since previously “they had not been unified until the milestone of the alpha”.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has reached the alpha stage, which means that the full game is already playable from the studio

What does it mean that BioWare has achieved the alpha phase in the new Dragon Age title? It means focusing on “providing visual fidelity to its final form and in testing the game mechanics”. They point out that they can now “assess the pace of the game, how relationships evolve over time and player progression, as well as the narrative cohesion; in short, how does the story fit together.” “Now that it’s possible to complete an entire game, we can iterate and polish the things that matter most to our fans“.

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The director points out that the achievement of this milestone has motivated them to celebrate it with a escape room virtual. McKay reveals that his favorite part are the characters since whatever they are “it seems that they have always been part of the DNA of Dragon Age. These they help to contextualize the world and what happens in the game. The director reveals that we can even travel to the city of Minrathous, capital of the Tevinter Empire.

What’s next for Dragon Age?

In a press release they recommend that we be attentive to the BioWare news that will arrive next November 7 and Dragon Age Day. It is also worth remembering that it will be released in Netflix a new animated series called Dragon Age: Absolution, set to premiere in December with 6 episodes that promise magical battles and supernatural creatures.

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