Black Panther: Unconquered offers a comic jump before Wakanda Forever

Just as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is about to hit theaters in November, Marvel Comics is ramping up Black Panther and Wakanda’s presence in comics with a new one-shot titled Black Panther: Unconquered, which is meant to be a point of departure. for new Black Panther readers.

Black Panther: Unconquered is written by Bryan Edward Hill with art by Alberto Foche and a cover by Ken Lashley, seen here. The one-shot focuses on a “new threat deeply rooted in Wakanda’s history,” forcing T’Challa to seek “new secrets about Wakanda’s ancient past and unlock a new connection to the Panther god, Bast.”

The one-shot joins the current title Black Panther from writer John Ridley and artist Germán Peralta, as well as the upcoming five-issue limited series Wakanda that enlists a variety of creators for the stories of the inhabitants and the history of the city. fictional hidden nation.

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“Black Panther and Wakanda mean a lot to people. It’s an honor to contribute my imagination to the legacy of this character,” Hill said in Marvel’s announcement. “Hopefully it speaks to longtime fans of the character while also bringing new readers into his world.”

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