Blizzard teases first Diablo Immortal update and new story content

A new Diablo Immortal update is coming soon, Blizzard promised on Reddit, and while the first of the action-RPG’s waves of content focuses on the battle pass, the developers said even bigger updates are planned for the future. Blizzard Community Leader Adam Fletcher teased the update in response to a post expressing a common sentiment among the Diablo Immortal community: what’s next? Though since this is Reddit, the question was a little less polite in tone.

“We’ll have our first update here in the next few weeks as we get to the end of the current Battle Pass,” Fletcher said. “We will detail some of our content cadence in the post. The expectations for the next update will focus on [sic] the BP, as well as some functions, corrections, etc.”.

Fletcher also said that future updates will introduce new story content and other “bigger” features, which will be free to all players. Whether that new content expects you to pay for the items and equipment needed to handle the new challenges is another matter, though we’re hopeful that concerns about the game’s fairly predatory microtransactions will lead to a less aggressive format in later updates.

There’s been very little content since the game finally launched in early June and, more worryingly for fans, even less communication about what’s coming next. Once you hit the level cap and start working your way up the Paragon ranks, there’s very little to do other than scavenge for gear.

It’s all very Diablo in the sense that the series always expects you to push yourself. However, given that the existing campaign is so short and that the final grinds tend to revolve around spending money, it’s understandable that fans would want more, even more so when you consider that you can’t even fully participate in the Cycle of fighting, Diablo Immortal’s main ending activity, on the other hand. a few months

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If you’re still working your way through the early campaign, check out our recommendations on the best Monk build, Necromancer build, and Crusader build to get your characters in fighting shape.

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