Borderlands 4 could pull out of Star Wars to bring back Maya

Based on the way the Murder Mystery missions from borderlands 3 term, borderlands 4 it will probably focus on Lilith. Given the importance of the first playable mermaid to the series as a whole, a Lilith-centric narrative for borderlands 4 It makes a lot of sense. However, there might be a way to include another fan-favorite mermaid that many feel was cut too soon.

Maya’s death in borderlands 3 He remains one of the most controversial elements of the divisive game, and while his goodbye in the Krieg DLC ​​was nice, some believe it wasn’t enough. As he resuscitated her in borderlands 4 could feel like a evasion and would raise questions about other characters who have died, the Star Wars The franchise boasts a perfect narrative device that could be borrowed to help bring Maya back without reconfiguring her death.


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Maya in Borderlands 4 could work like Force Ghosts from Star Wars

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the Star Wars The franchise will probably know about the concept of force ghosts. Used by Jedi who have died, Force Ghosts allow deceased Jedi to re-enter the world of the living to communicate with other Force-sensitive figures. A great way to bring back important characters for key scenes and lessons, force ghosts have been used multiple times in various pieces of Star Wars media.

Gearbox essentially making Maya a force ghost could be the perfect middle ground between leaving her dead and bringing her back. There could be a number of justifications for how this happens, being described as an additional siren ability or something Maya specifically taught herself so she could continue to instruct Ava on how to use her abilities. Maya’s most important book could also be a way to bring her back, with a certain page that can be read to summon her ghostly form of force.

As for what Maya could do if she was brought back, she could essentially function like any other borderlands NPC, giving players quests or accompanying them on a main story quest. He could appear before her Ava to help cheer her up during a fight, or he could give her key information about the mystery of Lilith. Seeing more of Maya in any form would surely be exciting for fans, as most of the borderlands The community agreed that his death fighting the Calypso twins was hasty and unnecessary.

A similar method Star WarsThe forced ghosts also allow Gearbox to keep Maya’s death. While she may have been unpopular, fully resurrecting her would make her death seem pointless, ensuring that the borderlands 3 The story is even more flawed in hindsight. Gearbox should stick to his guns and leave Maya dead, but just like Tiny Tina has kept Roland alive through Assault on the Dragon Fortress Y wonderland, Maya could be honored and brought back from time to time. Gearbox has managed to keep Roland relevant without a cheap resurrection tactic, so doing the same with Maya is a must.

While Maya’s future appearances could be reserved for Krieg-focused content, there’s no telling when players will find themselves in Krieg’s mind again. A phantom force focus allows him to return for borderlands 4the main story of, helping players in the search for Lilith or continuing her role as Ava’s teacher. While the release of Maya’s funeral scene was a step in the right direction when it comes to giving her a better send-off , you can still do more with the character. Hopefully Maya has a role in borderlands 4 that gives fans a little more time with the beloved Siren.

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