Breaking Bad: the creator announces his new series at Apple, with a star of Better Call Saul

news culture Breaking Bad: the creator announces his new series at Apple, with a star of Better Call Saul

The least we can say is that Vince Gilligan left his mark on pop culture with a hot iron. The man is the co-creator of Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul: he will soon serve Apple + with a project whose first details have just emerged.

It’s all good, man

Vince Gilligan is clearly not just anyone in the audiovisual landscape: first screenwriter on the famous series X-Men, he will achieve ultimate recognition by creating neither more nor less than Breaking Bad. After five seasons, his work was considered among the best American television series of all time and truth be told, there are many reasons for that.

The strongest in all this, cis that he has thickened his universe with a prequel, Better Call Saul, which has just ended after six seasons to rave reviews: for many, this series centered on crooked lawyer Saul Goodman (and not that, clearly) is on the same level as Breaking Bad, if not even better. Of course, we also owe a lot to Peter Gould, co-creator of the show, as well as to the multiple writers and directors, but Gilligan is now a hugely sought-after personality in the industry…and he’s just found a new client.

Breaking Bad: the creator announces his new series at Apple, with a star of Better Call Saul

Kim Wexler back

The catch is that Vince Gilligan has officially admitted he’s done with the Breaking Bad universe. Don’t worry, he intends to do another series and besides, he recently made a call for tenders on which very many platforms and television channels threw themselves, obviously smelling a golden project.

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topic of the day, it’s that the big winner is finally Apple for its SVOD Apple TV+ platform: this is where Vince Gilligan will publish his brand new series, whose pitch and context are not yet known. In contrast, we know that Rhea Seehorn will be the figurehead, the interpreter of Kim Wexler in Better Call Saulthe companion of Saul Goodman whose acting has been unanimously praised by the public.

Breaking Bad: the creator announces his new series at Apple, with a star of Better Call Saul

Another important detail, each episode will have a budget of fifteen million dollars and besides, Gilligan will also wear the cap of showrunner and executive producer. Finally, we learn that the Apple decision-makers who validated the project are former Sony Pictures, the same ones who gave the green light to Breaking Bad in the 2000s when no one wanted it.

A team of self-confidence, which deserves our full attention although the series is not expected for several years. However, we will monitor this very carefully.

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