Bruce Campbell comments on whether ‘Evil Dead’ should bring Ash back

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Bruce Campbell is one of the most recognizable faces in horror thanks to his role as the iconic Ash Williams in the 1981 cult classic. Evil Dead. The actor has portrayed Ash on television, movies, and video games, but officially retired from the character in 2021.

Campbell is now working as a producer on a fifth film in the series, called Rise of the Wicked Dead. In an interview with Screenrant, Campbell gave his opinion on whether a different actor should play Ash.

“No, that would be boring. You don’t want to do that. I wouldn’t want to put an actor through that. because now he Evil Dead The movies are really more about the books. There are three books that we learned from in Army of Darkness. There are three books out there, and they appear in the most unlikely places. The new movie Evil Dead Rise is an urban setting, about a single mother. So the apartment is the cabin, so to speak.”

While he has vowed not to return to a live-action version of the character, Campbell shared that he hopes to return to her through a voice role in a possible Evil Dead animated show. His character is one of the most beloved and recognizable in the annals of horror film history.

Ash was the only survivor of a supernatural catastrophe in a cabin in the woods where demons killed all his friends and girlfriend. Using his wits, his weapons, and a chainsaw, he defeated the creatures and became an iconic hero for all time.

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There was concern about whether the latest movie would make its way to HBO Max after all after the recent Warner Bros. Discovery merger that saw the company say goodbye. Bat girl and quietly remove some other movies from your platform.

On Thursday, director Lee Cronin took to Twitter to assure fans that things were still moving forward.

“Keep the faith,” the director tweeted, along with the hashtag #EvilDeadRise and three blood drop emojis.

There is no official release date yet. Rise of the Wicked Dead but we will keep you informed.

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