Bruce Willis poignantly returns to Nakatomi Plaza on ‘Die Hard’ anniversary

via 20th Century Fox

Fans from around the world have kicked off their shoes and donned their white vests to celebrate the 34th anniversary of die hardthe summer blockbuster that endures as one of the best action movies ever made and as a holiday favorite that is reviewed annually in the build-up to the holiday season.

John McTiernan’s spectacular shoot ’em up can be seen again now as always, with the success of the first installment making Bruce Willis an instant A-list superstar and launching a franchise that would last for the next two decades, even if the property eventually began to run out of gas by the time the fourth and fifth entries were published.

Even though he still has several upcoming movies scheduled for release on VOD, Willis sadly stepped away from the acting business recently after his aphasia diagnosis was made public, generating an outpouring of support from all corners of the internet. industry and the online sphere.

To mark the occasion, Willis’s wife, Emma Hemming, shared a heartwarming video on Instagram showing the 67-year-old standing on the roof of Fox Plaza, better known and instantly recognizable as the Nakatomi Tower.

die hard

There’s a bittersweet, poignant air about seeing Willis back on top of the building that launched his career into the stratosphere, and though he won’t back down on camera, his legion of fans will have dusted themselves off. Copies of die hard and checked everyone’s stopwatch in celebration.

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