‘Bullet Train’ star wants lead role in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ movie


In an alternate universe, perhaps the prospect of a movie based on a beloved video game would bring about unbridled excitement rather than the guarded anxiety we tend to react with. In fact, game-based screen adaptations have a long history of falling on the wrong side of both critics and audiences. And while the likes of The Wizard Y Arcane we’ve started swinging the pendulum back in a big way, we still have a long way to go until we’re completely comfortable being excited about such projects.

But one of those projects is building a specific brand of hype from a hopeful lead role; in fact, Andrew Koji, who just took his turn as The Father in the action comedy Bullet traincross your fingers for starring in the next Ghost of Tsushima film, based on the Game of the Year nominated action-adventure title of the same name.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Koji revealed his love for the game and the confidence he thinks he could bring to the lead role of Jin Sakai, who players take control of in the game.

I’m going after Ghost of Tsushima, that’s what I’m going to do. I would love that. I think I can make a very good Jin Sakai. I can put my own spin on it. I have played [the video game] twice now. she was thinking about it because [the adaptation has] been on the horizon, the whole team talking about it. It would have to fend for itself, because the game is very good.

The game follows the aforementioned samurai on a mission to protect Tsushima Island from Mongol invaders. Players control Sekai in an open world and engage in combat directly or through stealth tactics.

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It’ll be a while before we see Ghost of Tsushima traveling to the big screen, but for those of you looking for some kind of reference point, the last news we got was on April 12th of this year, when Takashi Doscher was revealed as the film’s screenwriter.

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